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Fill Hose + Drain Hose Extension Set for BELLING STOVES OR NEW WORLD Washing Machine & Dishwasher 2.5m + 5m

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Washing Machine Water Fill Inlet Hose Drain Hose Extension for BEKO BLOMBERG (5m + 2.5m)

Brand new, extra long cold water feed hose + drain hose pipe set for all standard models of Beko or Blomberg washing machine / dishwasher. Enables water supply to appliances up to 5 metres away from the water pipe - without the need for several connectors. Ideal for long kitchens or external utility rooms without the required pipework or nearby water supply. Included is a 2.5m drain hose extension kit to increase the reach of the drain hose.

Fill Hose:
Fill hose length: 5 metres
1 x Straight pipe fill hose connector
1 x 90º Angled fill hose appliance connector
Fill hose end connectors are both standard 3/4" BSP diameter 
Both fill hose ends feature a fully integrated pipe seal
Fits the vast majority of all makes and models

Drain Hose Extension Set: 
Drain hose extension length: 2.5 metres
1 x Premium quality drain hose
1 x Pipe fastening clip
Fits the vast majority of all makes and models

Fits models:


All makes and models of dishwasher and washing machines that require a standard cold water fill pipe hose with 1 x straight and 1 x angled 90º pipe connector. 

***Please inspect gallery images to double-check measurements and suitability before purchase***

This product is designed to be compatible with BEKO / BLOMBERG machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.