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Universal Tumble Dryer Non Return Flap Vent Duct Valve Connector (4" / 100mm)

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Universal Non-Return Duct Valve Connector (4" / 100mm) - Ideal for Tumble Dryers

Brand new, premium quality universal round duct valve connector, featuring inline back draught shutter / gravity damper flap.
This connector will fit inside 4" / 100mm round pipes or 102mm flexible vent hoses and can be used to join multiple lengths of pipe together to extend ducting. Stops smells and prevents cold air coming through your extractor fan or ducting.

Compatible with ventilation applications such as vented tumble dryers, air conditioners, bathroom or kitchen extractor fans, hydroponics fans, in-line extract fans and cooker hoods.

Diameter: 4" / 100mm
Width: 58mm
Weighted off-centre hinge blocks external air - keeping connector in closed position
Internal air opens flap whilst flow is active and returns to closed when inactive
Free Area: 7,283mm²
Max / Min temperature: 60°C / - 15°C
Material: High Impact Plastic
Colour: White

Fits Models:


Ideal for use with the vast majority of all brands of vented tumble dryers.

Also fits all brands and models of vented applications with a 4" / 100mm vent duct and connects to any vent hose with a 4" / 102mm diameter.

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