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Universal Sander Planer Dust Extractor Power Tool Adapters for Vacuum Cleaner 26 30 32 35 38mm

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Dust Extractor Port Adaptors Set for Universal Vacuum Cleaner (Fits Dust Ports Between 26mm - 38mm)

Brand new, complete set of tool adapter nozzles for connecting Universal vacuum cleaner.

This complete range of vacuum cleaner tool adaptors enables fitment to the overwhelming majority of all vacuum cleaner connection sizes and will ensure a secure connection to a wide variety of vacuum cleaner tools.

Pack of 6 Tool Adaptors:
  1. 32mm Outer diameter ends, 120mm Length. Fits inside 32mm inner diameter hoses and pipes (two adaptors)
  2. 30mm / 32mm Outer diameter ends, 70mm Length (two adaptors)
  3. 30mm Outer diameter / 32mm Inner diameter, 80mm Length (two adaptors)
  4. 30-32mm Outer Diameter / 35mm Outer Diameter, 70mm Length (two adaptors)
  5. 32mm inner Diameter / 35mm Outer diameter and 38mm outer diameter, 70mm Length (two adaptors)
  6. Multi adaptor, adjustable to all standard flush fitting vacuum pipes that are sized between 30mm and 38mm.

Rubber inner grip on main adaptor to ensure secure fit to all main sizes of vacuum rod / hose end. Will also connect to all standard flush-fitting 32mm tools.

Fits models:


This complete set contains every adaptor you will need to fit the overwhelming majority of Universal vacuum cleaners and will ensure a secure connection to a huge variety tool types. Please check specific measurements on gallery images for a match

before purchase.

***Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine***