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UNIVERSAL Terminal Guard Square Boiler Flue Cage Zinc Coated (18'' x 18'' x 7'')

Zinc Coated Terminal Guard Square Deep Boiler Flue Cage 

Universal Premium Quality Zinc Coated Exterior Boiler Terminal Guard / Cage.

Manufacturers' no longer supply the 'yellow-chromate' coloured cages and must now supply the 'blue chromate' or clear coloured protective finish as per REACH regulation. This cage will therefore be supplied with the appearance as of steel, but is protected by a ‘zinc plate and blue chromate passivate' to provide the same level of corrosion protection.

Front Dimensions: 18'' (460mm) X 18'' (460mm)
Rear Fixing Dimensions: 20'' (510mm) X 21'' (535mm)
Distance between fixing holes (approx'): 10.6" (270mm)
Depth (approx'): 7.25'' (185mm)
Material: Zinc plated steel with anti-corrosion coating
Colour: silver/blue

Fits models:

This guard is suitable for all conventional non condensing boilers.