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UNIVERSAL Shower Head Filter Chrome Steel Effect Hard Water Purifier Softener (Pack of 3)

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UNIVERSAL Shower Head 15 Layer Water Filter (Pack of 3)

Brand new, premium shower head filters. This universal fitting filter will not reduce the existing shower pressure and can be fitted in seconds to the vast majority of all shower heads and water supply fittings. This stylish shower filter purifies & softens water, reducing harmful metals, limescale and chemicals to eliminate the causes of skin irritation, dandruff, limescale buildup & soap scum in your bathroom, without any loss of water pressure.

Product Features:
Pack of 3
Universal: Uses a standard 3/4" diameter BSP fitting - will fit all standard shower head fittings
No reduction in water pressure
Stainless steel / chrome effect
15 stage filtration removes rust, iron, limescale and a wide range of harmful chemicals
Acts as a moisturiser, purifier, softener and gives the best feeling for sensitive skin body wash
Reduces dry itchy skin and the causes of dandruff
Helps prevent your shower becoming blocked with unwanted particles
Reduces the build-up of soap scum and limescale - particularly in hard water areas
Inline design ensures every drop of water is filtered
Easy to install and ready for use within seconds
Can be connected directly to the water supply / shower unit, or onto the head itself
Suitable for use with all shower types including fixed, overhead, rainfall & handheld bath fittings
KDF certified against NSF / ANSI standard 42
For best results, replace the cartridge every 6 months
Supplied complete with 6 x screened washers, instruction booklet and PTFE plumbing tape
Filter dimensions: 80mm x 120mm

Filtration Layers:
1. Carbon Block: Removes impurities including chlorine
2. Calcium Sulfite: Removes chloramines (calcium sulphite is 100 times more effective than activated carbon at removing chlorine and impurities)
3. Germanium Shower Ball: Removes chlorine
4. Muyu Stone: Enriches water with 26 minerals including selenium, which kills dandruff causing fungus & boosts white blood cell function
5. Vitamin C: Neutralies chloramines, promotes collagen production & helps protect skin cells from UV exposure
6. Maifan Stone: Contains many micro-nutrient elements including calcium & selenium, & absorbs metal toxins from water
7. Magnetic Energy Ball: Increases the concentration of negative air ions & increases dissolved oxygen content in water, promoting healthy skin & hair
8. Small Molecule Ball: Removes bacteria, heavy metals & fluoride
9. ORP Balls: ORP (oxidant reduction potential) removes oxygen free radicals in water whilst adding beneficial minerals
10. Far Infrared Ball: Purifies water by effectively absorbing lead, chromium & other heavy metals
11. Tourmaline: Ionizes & alkalizes water
12. Zeolite: Removes ammonium ions from water
13. Vitamin C: Extremely effective at neutralising chloramines, promotes collagen production & helps protect skin cells from UV exposure
14. KDF-55 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion): Reduces water contaminants through the redox process
15. Microporous PP Cotton: Removes pollutants