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Defrost Fridge Freezer Mat Durable Anti-Frost Pad - Prevents Frost & Ice Build up (Pack of 10)

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Refrigerator Defrost Mat (Pack of 10)

Brand new, premium quality, universal blue anti-frost mat to fit all makes of fridge / freezer.

Pack of 10 anti frost mats

470 mm x 240 mm

Product Features:
Prevent the build up of frost and ice in your fridge or freezer by simply placing one of these mats inside any drawer, box or shelf. This new easy fit product is both hygienic and easy to wipe clean. Stopping the build up of ice and frost will protect your frozen food and maintain storage space. Keeps your appliance efficient so you save money on energy and avoid manual defrosting.
No more manual de-frosting, Superior quality durable material, Simply place on the bottom of your freezer draw, Maximize storage space, Reduces energy bills, Wipe clean and hygienic, Even fits American style side by side freezers, For use with all refrigerators & freezers, check sizes for fitting.