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UNIVERSAL Micro Vacuum Attachment Work Bench Workshop PC Desk Tool Kit

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UNIVERSAL Micro Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Kit

Brand new, premium quality, universal micro vacuum cleaner attachment tool kit made for the vast majority of makes and models of Vacuum Cleaner.

Clean all the crevices of your workbench, PC, laptop, keyboard or desk in no time with this handy vacuum attachment set.

Kit contains:
1 x Vacuum attachment adaptor
1 x Adjustable suction fitting / pipe connector
1 x Flexible tube (750mm x 15mm Diameter)
1 x Angled extension pipe
1 x Straight extension pipe
1 x Wide oval brush
1 x Narrow round brush
1 x Thin (chamfered) crevice tool
1 x 32mm to 30 - 38mm adaptor tool

Fits models:








Fits the vast majority of makes and models of Vacuum Cleaner requiring tools with an inner diameter of between 30mm or 38mm.