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Universal Cold Water Fill Long 3.5m Inlet Pipe + 2.5m Drain Hose Extension Kit

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Universal Cold Water Fill Long 3.5m Inlet Pipe + 2.5m Drain Hose Extension Kit

Brand new, premium quality compatible drain hose extension kit for your washing machine / dishwasher.

Fits models:
Designed to fit the vast majority of makes and models of Washing machine / washer dryer. Please inspect gallery images and measurements before purchase.

Kit contains:
1 x 3.5m Extra Long Cold Water Inlet Fill hose
1 x 2.5m Drain Hose Extension, Hook and Clip Kit (1 x 19mm Diameter End, 1 x 22mm Diameter End)

Product Features:
Leaking hoses can cause serious damage to your living area - regular hose and connection checks are essential maintenance for washing machines and dishwashers
Fill hose connectors are standard BSP 3/4" thread - fitting externally to all standard water fill outlets.
Fill hose includes seal on both ends to ensure a water-tight and long-lasting fit
Fill hose is extra long for more reach across larger kitchens and utility rooms
Fill hose features 90 degree bend to ensure your appliance can remain flush to the back wall
Drain hose features built-in adaptor for quick and easy connection
Complete installation kit to suit the vast majority of all washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Good simple product for longer distances

Was exactly as expected. Needed to fit a dishwasher further from the inlet/outlet than it's standard pipes would allow and this did the job just fine. No fuss and no leaks. Been in use about 3 months now and I expect it will last as long as any other basic hose will.

Everything fits which it does

Great replacement

R. F. Stevens
When your machine is too far away, try these

The Spares2Go universal cold water fill pipe and waste extension is almost exactly right for hooking in a dishwasher to the same cold feed and waste as the washing machine, thanks to a brass Y-piece and a new twin-feed waste trap.

The dishwasher cold feed was only 1.3m long and the wrong side of the machine, so 2m too short. Replacing it with this 3.5m hose solves the problem and allows safe, easy access to the couplings, no high-pressure joint hidden behind a cupboard.

The waste pipe only extends the original waste, but leaks here are less of an issue, and again the length was almost right. The supplied clamp for the join behind the cabinet is a handy bit of belt and braces, just in case!

Solve of the problem

solve my problem

Great stuff

Good for value

Customer Reviews

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