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Universal 5m Cold Water Fill Hose + PTFE Tape for Dishwasher & Washing Machine (Extra Long 5 metres, Blue)

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Universal Extra Long Water Fill Hose + PTFE Tape for Washing Machine or Dishwasher (5 metres)

Brand new, extra long cold water feed hose + PTFE tape for all standard models of dishwasher. Enables water supply to appliances up to 5 metres away from the water pipe - without the need for several connectors. Ideal for long kitchens or external utility rooms without the required pipework or nearby water supply. 

Product Features:
Hose length: 5 metres
1 x Straight pipe connector
1 x 90º Angled appliance connector
End connectors are both standard 3/4" BSP diameter
Both ends feature a fully integrated pipe seal
Fits the vast majority of all makes and models

Fits models:


Fits the vast majority of models of washing machine / dishwasher / washer dryer that require a standard cold water fill pipe hose with 1 x straight and 1 x angled 90º pipe connector.