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Type EFF62 Charcoal Carbon Filters for Electrolux Cooker Hood Vent (200 x 30 mm, Pack of 2)

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Type EFF62 Anti-Odour Charcoal Carbon Filters for Electrolux Cooker Hood Vent (200 x 30 mm, Pack of 2)

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement carbon filters for your Electrolux cooker hood.

Diameter 200mm x Height 30mm

Pack of 2 Filters

Fits models:


CH120BK, CH120X, CH60BK, CH90BK, EFC105X, EFC60001K, EFC60001W, EFC60001X, EFC60110X, EFC60RX, EFC630K, EFC630X, EFC635X, EFC635X/A, EFC70001X, EFC70011X, EFC90001K, EFC90001W, EFC90001X, EFC90505X, EFC90904X, EFC90905X, EFC935X, EFC935X/A, EFC9505/S, EFC9505K/S, EFC9505X/S

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.

Every filter contains high quality activated carbon granules to remove unwanted smoke, odour and grease deposits from your living area. For optimal performance it is recommended that your filter(s) are replaced every 6 months for normal use and more often for heavy use.

Over time old filters in your cooker hood can drastically reduce its quality of performance in preventing and reducing airborne grease and odour.

Replace any older exhausted filters with this quality replacement filter, and you will immediately notice the improvement in the quality of the air around your kitchen.

Cooker Hood Maintenance Tips: Change your filters as soon as they have reached saturation. They will no longer be useful at this point