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Twisted Log Splitter 2.5KG 9" Steel Wedge + Axe Maul Bomb Wood Grenade Heavy Duty Kit

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Heavy Duty Twisted Splitter Chisel Wedge + Log Bomb Kit

Kit Contains:
1 x Twisted Splitter Wedge (2.5KG / 5.5lb)
1 x Log Bomb (1.6KG / 3.5lb)

Brand new, premium quality heavy duty twisted splitter wedge and log bomb kit. Expertly crafted with a unique 'twist' design, the one of a kind splitter features a large strike face to help split apart logs of all sizes with greater ease. Also featuring gripped side notches to prevent slippage - this wedge will result in faster, more efficient operation; saving you time and effort. Made with heavy duty steel and powder coated to provide weather/ rust / corrosion resistance and long usage life, the slim 9" angled profile prevents the chisel from jamming and will help you make light work of any log pile with minimal disruption.

The bundled log bomb is ideal for splitting smaller logs or preparing larger logs for use with the twisted splitter by creating a smaller, more controlled initial split. This diamond shaped maul is made from dropped forged, heated + treated iron for long life and features a 4 way notched design for greater control and safety and a wide striking surface for ease of use.

Twisted Splitter Wedge Specifications:
Length: 225mm (8.85")
Strike Face Width (Approx'): 80mm (3.15")
Strike Face Depth (Approx'): 70mm (2.75")
Blade End Width: 45mm (1.78")
Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lb)
Material: Heavy Duty Steel
Unique twisted design - making it far easier to split apart logs of all sizes
Turns to split the log for increased efficiency
Gripping notches to prevent slippage
Large strike face for easy operation
Sharp blade for high performance
Faster results with less effort required
Slim angled profile prevents wedge from jamming
Drop forged, hardened and tempered
Powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion
Weather resistant
Helps to easily split logs
Designed for use with a sledge hammer or splitting maul (blunt end)

Log Bomb Specifications:
Length: 160mm (6.5")
Width: 80mm (3.25")
Weight (approx'): 1.6kg (3.5lb)
Manufactured from dropped forged and heated + treated iron
This splitter has to be made of mild metal to avoid the danger of splintering when struck
Large striking face for a centred blow
Pointed for easy insertion into log
Notched sides help prevent pop out during striking
Helps to easily split logs
Designed for use with a sledge hammer
Item will arrive as either bronze or gold in colour

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