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Tower 22mm Magentic Boiler Filter Inline Central Heating Brass Threaded Pipe Energy Saving Kit

by Tower
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Tower Magnetic Filter for Boiler Central Heating (22mm Brass Threaded Connections)

As water passes through the metal pipes of your boiler, rust can form. Combine this rust with other dirt and debris, it eventually builds into a mud-like substance, otherwise known as sludge. If this sludge isn't removed it can have a real impact on the day-to-day use of your heating system. A magnetic filter will help reduce the build up of iron, nickel and cobalt particles in your system and saves up to 6% energy per annum. This filter can be easily drained and is easy to clean.

Removes iron, nickel and cobalt particles
Saving energy by up to 6% per annum
Consistent protection for the heating system
Reduces carbon emissions
Saves on maintenance costs
Extending longevity of the system
No extra operating cost
Easy to install and clean
Conveniently mounts into one 22mm pipe
Horizontal or Vertical pipe mounting options

Kit Contains:
1 x Magnetic Filter Body
2 x 22mm Brass Isolation Valves
1 x Fitment Spanner
2 x Valve Washers