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Tower 15mm Electrolytic Inline Scale Inhibitor Boiler Limescale Pipe Tube

by Tower
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Genuine Tower 15mm Electrolytic Inline Scale Inhibitor
Brand new, genuine original 15mm electrolytic inline scale inhibitor from Tower, for use with heating appliances such as water to water heaters and hot water circuits of combination boilers.

WRAS approved product
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar at 20°C
Made in Great Britain
Service life: Up to 10 years
Saves on energy costs
No chemicals or power needed
Easily installed
No moving parts
No maintenance required
15mm compression fittings
Dimensions: 170mm x 26mm diameter

Ensure the unit is installed so as to be readily accessible for examination, test, maintenance or replacement. The unit may be fitted horizontally or vertically. It is not directional. Choose a pipe run long enough to accommodate the unit. An approved single check valve or other no less effective back-flow prevention device shall be fitted at the point of connection between the supply and the unit. To ensure a leak proof installation, make sure the pipe is cut square with a pipe-cutter even if the pipe run is initially broken into using a hacksaw. Tighten fittings with a 24mm spanner.

Part L of the Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and energy for dwellings) states that where the mains total water hardness exceeds 200ppm, provision should be made to treat feed water to water heaters and hot water circuits of combination boilers to reduce the rate of accumulation of limescale and to limit its harmful effect on energy efficiency. Electrolytic scale inhibitors are listed in the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide as a suitable control. As water flows through the unit it emits charged zinc ions which induce hardness salts to cluster together and pass through heating appliances rather than forming limescale deposits on the heat exchanger or water heating element. Service life is dependent upon local water conditions and water usage.