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T Handle Screwdriver Set Torx Metric Hex Allen Key Long Star Security Tool CRV (16 Piece)

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Chrome Vanadium T-handle Long Reach Hex & Star Key Screwdriver Set (16 Piece Set)

Heavy duty long life chrome vanadium driver set featuring the complete range of star and hex keys with long reach T-handle grips for added torque. Every screwdriver features a short end for added torque, as well as a torx security bit on all torx blades, and a ball-end hex feature to enable use at angles of up to 25 degrees.  

Product Features: 
Double ended for maximum torque
Long life, hardened chrome vanadium tempered steel blades
Long reach (up to 200mm blade length)
TPR comfort grip handles
Tamperproof / Security torx feature (with hole) on every Torx short end
Ball end Hex Keys on every long end to enable use at angles of up to 25 degrees  
Complete with snap shut carry case
GS Approved
Colour of set: orange/black (Hex Keys), green/black (Tamperproof-style star torx drivers)

Kit Contains: 
Star / Torx T-Handle Driver (Green/Black): 
T10 x 75mm 
T15 x 75mm 
T20 x 100mm 
T25 x 100mm 
T30 x 150mm 
T40 x 150mm 
T45 x 200mm
T50 x 200mm

Hex / Allen Key Driver (Orange/Black): 
2.0 x 75mm 
2.5 x 75mm
3.0 x 100mm
4.0 x 100mm
5.0 x 150mm
6.0 x 150mm
8.0 x 200mm
10.0 x 200mm