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External Wall Air Vent Stainless Steel Square Hood Cowl 100mm 4" + 5m Aluminium Vent Hose

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100mm Outlet Stainless Steel Wall Vent Cover Grille + Aluminium Vent Hose (5m)

All vents feature a weather guard seal to prevent unwanted leaks and drafts, screw fixings & pipe clips and a 5 metre aluminium vent hose. These stylish steel wall / ceiling vent outlets are ideal for modern living areas, adding style to internal or external wall outlets. Each wall extractor / vent outlet / ceiling exhaust has an unobtrusive profile, cushioned low noise flap components where applicable.

Pack contains:
1 x Square Hood / Cowl Vent & No Return Flap - 100mm (4") outlet diameter - circular pipe / Hose fitting, overall outer measurements: 150mm X 150mm (6" Sq)
1 x Aluminium Vent Hose: Highly durable, flexible, versatile and fire safe vent pipe hose --  5 Metres -- Diameter: 100mm -- Certification: BS476 Parts 6 & 7, Class 0 -- Safe operating temperature range: -30ºC to +150ºC (This is our widest available range, making it one of the safest vent hoses available on the market).

Suitable applications:
Tumble dryer vent pipes / hose pipes, select types of cooker hood outlets, bathroom vents & extractors, air conditioning units, kitchen fans & vents, all home wall vents, heat transfer and ventilation systems, gas & electric dryers, cooker hood extractors, conservatory wall outlets as well as a wide variety of industrial uses.