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Stacking & Vibration Reduction Kit for LOGIK Washing Machines & Tumble Dryers

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Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Shelf Stacking Complete Kit for Logik

Brand new, premium quality compatible shelf stacking kit with pull-out tray for all makes and models of Logik washing machine or tumble dryer. The feet can be placed below the bottom appliance, with the rubber mat on top of the bottom appliance and the pullout stacker to be on top of the mat and below the top appliance. The rubber feet and mat reduce vibration noise and scratching.

Pack Contents:
Shelf Stacker Stacking Tray Kit Pullout for Washing Machine / Tumble Dryer
All Purpose Anti Vibration Low Noise Rubber Mat Pad Base for Tumble Dryers
Anti Vibration Rubber Feet Pads for Washing Machine (4 Feet)

Suitable for all standard 60cm x 60cm appliances - Please note the 9cm / 3.5 inch over hang at the rear when measuring for fitting compatibility with your appliances as this will prevent some appliances from being pushed up against the wall

Max Laundry Pullout Board Load: 10Kg

Fits models:


All makes and models of standard 60cm x 60cm washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher or single fridge unit.

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