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SPARES2GO Paper Bags & Microfibre Filter for Numatic Henry Hetty James Vacuum Cleaner (Pack of 10 Bags + Freshener Tabs)

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10 Paper Dust Bags and Microfibre Filter for NUMATIC Vacuum Cleaner

Brand new, premium quality compatible paper dust bags and filter for your Numatic vacuum cleaner.

10 x Double Filtered Paper Bags
1 x Filter - Diameter: 305mm / 12"
10 x Individually wrapped, strong flower fresh scented tab fresheners. Simply place one inside each bag for a fresh & fragrant living area.

Fits Models:


Fits all Henry Models including: HVR200, HVR200A, HENRY MICRO HVR200M-22, HENRY TURBO HVR200T-2, HENRY XTRA HVX200A, HVR200-22, HVR200A, HVR200M, HVR200M-22, HVR200P, HVR200T, HVR200T-2, HVR200T-22, HVR204T, HVX200, HVX200-22 -- Fits HETTY: HET200A -- Fits JAMES: JVP180A, JVP180, HZ200, HZ250, HZ370, HZ570, HZ750, HZD750, HZD900, HZDQ750, HZDQ750-2, HZDQ900, HZQ200, HZQ200-2, HZQ250, HZQ250-2, HZQ370, HZQ370-2, HZQ750, HZQ750-2, NB200, NQS250, NQS250B, NQS350B, NRV200, NRV200-22, NRV200T, NRV200T-2, NRV370, NRV370-22, NRV380, NRV380-22, NVP180, NVP180-2, NVP200, NVP200-2, NVP370, NVP370-2, NVQ370, NVQ370-22, NVQ370T, NVQ370T-2, NVQ380, NVQ380-22 (2 Core Mains Lead), NVQ380B-22 (2 Core Mains Lead), NVQ380B-22 (3 Core Mains Lead), NVR200-22, WV370

This product is is designed to be compatible with Numatic machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.