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Sink Strainer Basket Round Overflow Waste Drain Plug Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Kitchen Bathroom Basin (40mm, 1 1/2")

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Sink Strainer Basket Waste Overflow Drain Plug Chrome Plated (40mm, 1 1/2")

Brand new, premium quality chrome plated, stainless steel bathroom / kitchen sink strainer overflow plug.

Stainless steel kitchen sink basket strainer waste with 40mm (1 1/2") connection
Stainless steel grid
Removable 'stemball' strainer plug
Flexible overflow pipe
Chrome plated overflow cover
Supplied with 41mm long fixing screw

Installation (see images for corresponding letters):
- Insert overflow pipe (I) into the waste body (F), ensuring conical washer (G) fits in well. Turn locking nut (H) to secure overflow into place, do not over tighten.
- Take the main body of the waste (F,I,J) to the sink, ensuring rubber washer (E) and correct overflow washer (K) is in place ready for installation.
- Locate the overflow body (J) and overflow washer (K) centrally at the rear of the sink overflow hole, ensuring it is flush with the wall of the sink.
- Keeping this central, take the chrome overflow plate (L) and tighten into the thread, do not over tighten.
- To secure to the waste outlet on the sink, place the foam washer (D) onto the sink outlet hole, and place the steel strainer waste grating (C) on top. Locate the waste body (F) on the underside of this hole ensuring the rubber washer (E) is flush with the underside of the sink. Now everything is in place take the screw (B) and tighten with a large flathead screwdriver. Do not over tighten.
- Check the overflow pipe (I) is not twisted or kinked and both ends are secure.
- Check strainer plug (A) is working correctly.
- To check all joints fill the sink with water and inspect for any leaks. We advise doing this in stages starting with a small amount of water, before fully filling sink.

Fits models:


Fits overflow sinks accepting 40mm (1 1/2") connections