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Sander Planer Dust Extractor Power Tool Adapters for HOOVER Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 12, 26mm 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm)

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Complete Dust Extractor Adapters Set for HOOVER Vacuum Cleaner 

Pack of 12 26mm 30mm 32mm 35mm 38mm Sander Planer Dust Extractor Power Tool Adapters to fit Hoover Vacuum Cleaners.

Kit contains:
1. 32mm Outer diameter ends, 120mm Length. Fits inside 32mm inner diameter hoses and pipes (two adapters)
2. 30mm / 32mm Outer diameter ends, 70mm Length (two adapters)
3. 30mm Outer diameter / 32mm Inner diameter, 80mm Length (two adapters)
4. 30-32mm Outer Diameter / 35mm Outer Diameter, 70mm Length (two adapters)
5. 32mm inner Diameter / 35mm Outer diameter and 38mm outer diameter, 70mm Length (two adapters)
6. Multi Adapter measurements: 26.5mm: connects to all 26mm hoses -- 32.45mm: connects to all 32mm diameter hoses -- 34.75mm: connects to 35mm hoses (via wide end) -- 40.88mm: connects to 38mm hoses (via wide end) (two adapters)

Fits models:


This adaptor set contains all the adaptors you will need to connect to the vast majority of all Hoover vacuum cleaners. Please inspect gallery images, product dimensions and your existing vacuum pipe diameter before purchase.

This product is designed to be compatible with Hoover machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.