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PVC Flexible Duct Vent Rectangular HVAC Hose (110mm x 55mm, 3 Metres)

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PVC Rectangular Flexible Duct Vent Hose (110mm x 55mm, 3 Metre Length)

Brand new, premium quality PVC rectangular flexible duct vent hose. Flexible ducting offers an easy solution for running ducting around obstacles or in tight spaces where using rigid plastic ducting is unsuitable and can also extend the length of existing ducting. Simply connect this flexible duct to existing compatible ducting to extend the length or bypass obstructions.

Arriving compact and stretching to a maximum length of 3 metres, this PVC duct vent can be used with a wide range of vented applications such as air conditioning units, tumble dryers and cooker hoods.

Length: Maximum 3 Metres
Width: 110mm (Approx')
Height: 55mm (Approx')
Safe operating temperature range: -15ºC to +70ºC
Shape: Rectangular
Material: PVC
Colour: White

Fits models:


Will connect to all ducting / vent outlets accepting vents of 110mm x 55mm (please check measurements before purchase)