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Philips PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron Anti Scale (Pack of 4 Cartridges) - GC004

by Philips
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Genuine PHILIPS PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron Anti-Scale Cartridge - (Pack of 4 Cartridges)

Brand new, genuine original replacement cartridges for your Philips PerfectCare steam generator iron. Minerals contained in your mains water can affect your iron, harming its performance and damaging its internal parts. Use these cartridges to protect your steam generator iron and protect fabrics from scale damage.

Eliminates 99% of calc from tap water, ensuring a consistent flow of steam & preventing calc residues on clothes
Increase the lifetime of your appliance by preventing limescale buildup
Ideal for use in hard water areas
On average, one cartridge provides 3 months of ironing time

Fits models:


GC7619/20, GC7635/30, GC8630/02, GC8640/02