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Oven Grill Pan Large Tray Rack + Handle Set 380 x 280 mm + Adjustable Extendable Shelf

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Large Grill Pan Tray with Handle (380mm x 280mm) + Adjustable Extendable Oven Shelf

Brand new, premium quality large grill pan with rack insert and detachable handle and adjustable extendable shelf. Designed to fit the vast majority of all standard sized ovens, cookers and cooking ranges - this superb quality grill pan with detachable handle and rack is highly versatile, easy to clean and is supremely safe & comfortable to use. 

Grill Pan Set:
Ergonomic detachable handle - very quick and easy to attach and highly secure once in place
Dense vitreous enamel coating - highly scratch resistant for a long service life
Removable rack stand
Grill pan dimensions: 380m x 280mm x 45mm

Adjustable Extendable Oven Shelf:
Simply pull out to desired size to secure in place supporting heavy items without sagging or bending.
Measurements: Depth: 310mm, Width: 342mm - 565mm

Fits models:


Fits most standard size ovens. Please check measurements before purchase.

***This grill pan is designed to sit on top of a regular oven shelf - it is not designed to slide into the side-rails***