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Mixing Blade Paddle Stirring Arm & Seal + Spoon for TEFAL ACTIFRY SEB Air Fryer

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Mixing Blade / Stirring Paddle + Spoon for TEFAL Actifry & Plus Health Fryers

Brand new, premium quality compatible paddle arm with rubber seal & green spoon for your Tefal Actifry air fryer.

Fits models:


SERIE 001-1, AL800000/12B AL800000/12C AL800030/12A AL800100/12 FZ700000/12A FZ700000/12B FZ700000/12C FZ700000/12D FZ700000/12E FZ700001/12A FZ700001/12B FZ700001/12C FZ700001/12D FZ700001/12E FZ700001/12F FZ700001/12G FZ700015/12A FZ700015/12B FZ700015/12C FZ700015/12D FZ700015/12E FZ700016/12A FZ700016/12B FZ700016/12C FZ700016/12D FZ700031/12A FZ700031/12B FZ700031/12C FZ700031/12D FZ700031/12E FZ700031/12F FZ700032/12A FZ700032/12B FZ700032/12C FZ700032/12D FZ700032/12E FZ700032/12F FZ700033/12A FZ700033/12B FZ700033/12C FZ700033/12D FZ700033/12E FZ700033/12F FZ700034/12A FZ700034/12B FZ700034/12C FZ700034/12D FZ700034/12E FZ700034/12F FZ700035/12A FZ700035/12B FZ700035/12C FZ700035/12D FZ700035/12E FZ700035/12F FZ700036/12A FZ700036/12B FZ700036/12C FZ700036/12D FZ700036/12E FZ700036/12F FZ700037/12A FZ700037/12B FZ700037/12C FZ700037/12D FZ700037/12E FZ700037/12F FZ700038/12A FZ700038/12B FZ700038/12C FZ700038/12D FZ700038/12E FZ700038/12F FZ700039/12A FZ700039/12B FZ700039/12C FZ700039/12D FZ700039/12E FZ700039/12F FZ700040/12A FZ700040/12B FZ700040/12C FZ700040/12D FZ700041/12A FZ700041/12B FZ700050/12A FZ700050/12B FZ700050/12C FZ700051/12A FZ700051/12B FZ700051/12C FZ700051/12D FZ700051/12E FZ700052/12A FZ700053/12A FZ700053/12B FZ700054/12A FZ700054/12B FZ700055/12A FZ700055/12B FZ700056/12A FZ700056/12B FZ700070/12A FZ700070/12B FZ700070/12C FZ700070/12D FZ700070/12E FZ700071/12A FZ700071/12B FZ700071/12C FZ700071/12D FZ700071/12E FZ700072/12A FZ700072/12B FZ700072/12C FZ700072/12D FZ700072/12E FZ700072/12F FZ700072/12G FZ700100/12A FZ700100/12B FZ700100/12C FZ700100/12D FZ700100/12E FZ700100/12F FZ700101/12A FZ700101/12B FZ700101/12C FZ700101/12D FZ700102/12A FZ700200/12A FZ700200/12B FZ700200/12C FZ700201/12A FZ700201/12B FZ700201/12C FZ700215/12A FZ700215/12B FZ700230/12A FZ700230/12B FZ700231/12A FZ700231/12B FZ700232/12A FZ700232/12B FZ700233/12A FZ700233/12B FZ700234/12A FZ700235/12A FZ700236/12A FZ700250/12A FZ700251/12A FZ700270/12A GH800000/12A GH800015/12A GH800030/12A GH800031/12A GH800032/12A GH800200/12A GH800215/12A GH800230/12A


AL800000/12B, AL800000/12C, AL800000/12D, AL800100/12, AL801000/12A, AL804000/12A, AL806000/12A, AL806200/12A, AL806200/12B, AL807000/12A, FZ700000/12A, FZ700000/12B, FZ700000/12C, FZ700000/12D, FZ700000/12E, FZ700015/12A, FZ700100/12A, FZ700100/12B, FZ700100/12C, FZ700100/12D, FZ700100/12E, FZ700100/12F, FZ700101/12A, FZ700101/12B, FZ700101/12C, FZ700101/12D, FZ700200/12A, FZ700200/12B, FZ700200/12C, FZ710000/12A, FZ710800/12A, GH800000/12A, GH800000/12B, GH800200/12A, GH800200/12B, GH806000/12A, GH806100/12A, GH806100/12B, GH806200/12A, GH807000/12A, GH807000/12B

Please note: this product is not manufactured by Tefal, but it is designed to be compatible with Tefal machines. The Tefal name, model names and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.