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Mixing Blade Paddle Arm Seal & Oil Measuring Cup for TEFAL Air Fryer ACTIFRY

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Blade with Seal + Oil Measuring Cup for TEFAL Actifry Air Fryer

Brand new, premium quality compatible stirring arm, seal & oil measuring cup for your Tefal air fryer.

Fits Models:


Actifry AL800100, Actifry AL800240, Actifry FZ70000, Actifry FZ700002, Actifry FZ700015, Actifry FZ700016, Actifry FZ700020, Actifry FZ700030, Actifry FZ700031, Actifry FZ700032, Actifry FZ700033, Actifry FZ700034, Actifry FZ700035, Actifry FZ700036, Actifry FZ700037, Actifry FZ700038, Actifry FZ700039, Actifry FZ700040, Actifry FZ700041, Actifry FZ700055, Actifry FZ700056, Actifry FZ700070, Actifry FZ700071, Actifry FZ700072, Actifry FZ700100, Actifry FZ700215, Actifry FZ700230, Actifry FZ700231, Actifry FZ700232, Actifry FZ700233, Actifry FZ700234, Actifry FZ700235, Actifry FZ700236, Actifry FZ700237, Actifry FZ700270, Actifry FZ701015, Actifry FZ701020, Actifry FZ701027, Actifry FZ701028, Actifry FZ706012, Actifry FZ706017, Actifry FZ706028, Actifry FZ706031, Actifry FZ706039, Actifry FZ706060, Actifry FZ706065, Actifry FZ706212, Actifry FZ706225, Actifry FZ706227, Actifry FZ706228, Actifry FZ706260, Actifry FZ707015, Actifry FZ707016, Actifry FZ707017, Actifry FZ707020, Actifry FZ707028, Actifry FZ707225, Actifry FZ707227, Actifry FZ707228, Actifry FZ707240, Actifry FZ707267, Actifry FZ707268, Actifry FZ710015, Actifry FZ710027, Actifry FZ710028, Actifry FZ710029, Actifry FZ710038, Actifry FZ710058, Actifry FZ710059, Actifry FZ710815, Actifry FZ710827, Actifry FZ710828, Actifry FZ710840, Actifry FZ711015, Actifry FZ711815, Actifry FZ711867, Actifry FZ711868, Actifry FZ712015, Actifry GH806115, AL800030, AL800040, AL800041, AL800066, AL800240, AL806040, AL806041, AL806240

Please note: this product is not manufactured by Tefal, but it is designed to be compatible with Tefal machines. The Tefal name, model names and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.