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Mini Turbo Tool for Miele Vacuum Cleaner Pet Power Brush Upholstery Carpet 35mm

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Mini Turbo Pet Tool for Miele Vacuum Cleaner (35mm)

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement mini turbo pet tool for your Miele vacuum cleaner is designed for the cleaning of pet hair as well as stairs, upholstery and soft furnishings. Its advanced technology removes pet hair quickly and efficiently, and its small size makes it ideal for mobility. This innovative tool provides optimal pet hair removal performance and helps maintain cleanliness around your home.

Neck Inner Diameter: 35mm

Fits models:


Suitable for all Miele vacuum cleaners requiring a 35mm inner diameter standard or 'flush fitting' / 'non-click or button' connection - to fit externally to all 35mm rods or hose ends. Including (but not limited) to:

S110, S120, S130, S140, S160, S1620, S180, S200, S2000, S204, S2110, S2110 LAVA, S2120, S2130, S2180, S220, S230, S230I, S240, S240I, S250, S2501, S250G, S250I, S260, S260I, S270I, S280, S280I, S280I SIL, S280I-SIL, S280SIL, S290, S290I, S300, S300I, S301, S301I, S301I-2, S302I, S303I, S304I, S305I, S306I, S307I, S308I, S309I, S310, S310I, S310I-2, S320I, S330I, S340I, S350I, S360, S360I, S370, S380, S4000, S400I, S401I, S402I, S404I, S408I, S410I, S420I, S4210, S4210-CH, S4260, S4280, S4510, S4560, S4560-CH, S4580, S4780, S500, S5000, S501, S5099, S510, S5100, S5200, S5210, S5220, S5260, S5280, S5300, S5310, S5360, S5380, S5400, S5410, S5480, S5500, S5510, S5520, S5560, S5580, S560, S5600, S570, S5700, S5710, S5710-CH, S6780, S6790, S700, S7000, S710, S710-1, S760, S770, S8000, S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8360, S8370, S8380, S8390, S8510, S8520, S8530, S8590, S8710, S8730, S8790, S8930, S8960S.

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.