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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Curved Wand Handle - 3565460

by Miele
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Genuine Miele Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bent End Attachment - 3565460

Keep your vacuum working like new with this vacuum hose bent end attachment. This is a genuine Miele spare part and will fit select models of vacuums.

Fits Models:


3565460, S142, S227I, S234I, S125, S143, S228, S236I, S126, S144, S228I, S237I, S128, S145, S229, S240I, S129, S146, S229I, S242, S130, S147, S230I, S246I, S135, S148, S231, S247I, S138, S157, S231I, S248I, S140, S217, S232I, S249I, S141, S227, S233, S250I, S251I, S274I, S311-1l, S323I, S252I, S275I, S311I, S324I, S254I, S276I, S312I, S326I, S255I, S280I, S313I, S328I, S256I, S282I, S314, I, S334I, S269I, S290, S315I, S336I, S270I, S291, S316I, S338I, S271, S300, S318I, S342I, S271I, S300I, S321I, S344I, S272I, S310I, S322I, S346I, S347I, S408I, S422I, S442I, S348I, S410I, S424I, S444I, S400, S411I, S426I, S445I, S400I, S412I, S428I, S446I, S401I, S414I, S434I, S447I, S402I, S420I, S436I, S448I, S404I, S421I, S438I