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Lump Club Sledge Hammer Heavy Duty Hickory Wood Shaft Hardened Steel Head Long Grip Handle (4lb / 2kg)

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4lb / 2kg Heavy Duty Lump Sledge Club Hammer

Brand new, premium quality heavy duty lump sledge club hammer. With a varnished, genuine hickory hardwood handle providing a comfortable and sturdy grip, a hardened steel, large head for strong and effective striking and resin sealed eye to protect wood from debris and weather damage.

Ideal for a huge variety of building, construction, outdoor and demolition work, including (but not limited to):
Driving steel chisels, masonry nails, stone cutting and chiseling, wood chiseling, sheet metal work, wood splitting with log wedges + much much more.

Handle Length: 240mm (Approx')
Handle Width: 40mm (Approx')
Head Width: 113mm (Approx')
Head Height: 45mm (Approx')
Head Face Depth (Point of Contact): 45mm (Approx')
Weight: 4.25lb / 1.93kg
Handle Material: Genuine Hickory Hardwood (Varnished)
Head Material: Hardened Steel 

***PLEASE NOTE: this product carries a mis-spelling on the handle which is therefore reflected in the lowest possible price. All elements of the product are in perfect working order and carry a performance and long-life guarantee***