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Kindling Splitter Lump Mallet Hammer Kit Heavy Duty Mounted Log Splitting Wood Chisel Wedge Set (Large)

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Large Heavy Duty Kindling Log Wood Splitter Mounted Chisel Wedge + Lump Club Mallet Hammer Kit

Kit Contains:
1 x Splitting Wedge
1 x Safety Cap
4 x Screws
4 x Screw Plugs
1 x L Type Screwdriver Allen Key
1 x Lump Club Mallet Hammer

Brand new, premium quality kindling splitter chisel wedge and lump club mallet hammer kit. The splitter features a four hole base and screws / plugs included for secure mounting, complete with an L Type screwdriver allen key for easy fitment and safety cap for protection when not in use. This large heavy duty, cast iron wood splitter helps to quickly produce kindling with ease and features a powder coated, rust resistant finish - making it ideal for use in all weather and work environments. Faster and safer than traditional splitters or axes, simply mount on to a suitable log stump or surface for stable operation and use in combination with the bundled lump hammer for speedier, tidier kindling production.

Splitter Specifications:
Weight: 2.97kg / 6.5lb (Large design suitable for splitting all log sizes and shapes, far more versatile than smaller less effective splitters)
Chisel Width: 90mm
Chisel Height: 150mm (Approx')
Base Width: 130mm
Base Depth: 100mm
Mounting: Screwed
Mounting Holes Diameter: 6mm
Material: Cast Iron
Unique Registered Design (Filing Number: 6340403)
Powder Coated
Weather Resistant
Rust Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Arrives Boxed
Includes cast iron safety cap
Includes 4 x screws (40mm length x 10mm head) and 4 x screw plugs for mounting

Hammer Specifications:
Handle Length: 240mm (Approx')
Handle Width: 40mm (Approx')
Head Width: 113mm (Approx')
Head Height: 45mm (Approx')
Head Face Depth (Point of Contact): 45mm (Approx')
Weight: 4.25lb / 1.93kg
Handle Material: Genuine Hickory Hardwood (Varnished)
Head Material: Hardened Steel

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