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Karcher SC1 SC2 SC3 Steam Cleaner Floor Mop Pad Covers Nozzles Pads Attachment 2.863-019.0

by Karcher
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Kärcher Genuine Steam Cleaner Head Nozzle Attachment Kit

Brand new, genuine original nozzle attachment kit for your Karcher steam cleaner.

Innovative cloth replacement function cloth changing is completely contactless
Ergonomic cleaning - with flexible nozzle joint
Larger cleaning surface - enables cleaning of larger surfaces quickly
Innovative lamellas on the cleaning surface - efficient use of steam and cleaning cloth over the entire nozzle surface
Includes comfort plus floor nozzle and microfibre cloth
Nozzle Head: L: 375mm x W: 51mm x H:220mm
Cloth: 340mm x 120mm

Fits models:


SC1, SC1 Deluxe Floorkit, SC1 Floor Kit Hofer, SC1 Floorkit, SC1 Premium, SC1 Premium (White), SC1 Premium Floor Kit, SC1 Premium Floorkit, SC1.000, SC1.010, SC1.010 Promo, SC1.020, SC1.020 Plus, SC1.020 Premium, SC1.020 Promo, SC1.025, SC1.030, SC1.030B, SC1.035B, SC1.040, SC1.040 KTC, SC1.050, SC1000, SC1000 Plus, SC1002, SC1020, SC1040, SC1052, SC1100, SC1122, SC1122 Plus, SC1125, SC1125 Plus, SC1133, SC1202, SC1202 Tuchset, SC1402, SC1405, SC1475 Jubilee, SC1502, SC1502 I 6002, SC1650, SC1650BE, SC1702, SC2, SC2 Premium, SC2.500C, SC2.500C 127V, SC2.500C 220V, SC2.500C Plus, SC2.550C, SC2.600C, SC2.600CB, SC3, SC3 Premium, SC3.000, SC3.100, SC3.100B, SC4, SC4 Iron Kit, SC4 Premium, SC4 Premium Iron Kit, SC4.100C, SC4.100CB, SC4.120C, SC5, SC5 Ironkit, SC5 Premium, SC5.800C, SC5.800CB, SC5.850C, SI4 Iron Kit