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Indesit Washing Machine 10 Hole Drum Paddle Lifter Arms (Pack of 3, 183mm x 53mm x 38mm)

by Indesit
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Genuine INDESIT Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter Arms (Pack of 3)

Brand new, genuine original lifter arms for your Indesit washing machine.

Dimensions: 183 x 53 x 38 mm

Quantity: Pack of 3

Fits Models:


W101, W103, W103UK/B, W105TX., W105X, W123, W123S, W123SUK, W123UK, W123X, W124X, W125X, W125XS, W12GE, W133, W133S, W133SUK, W133UK, WI10, WI100, WI101, WI101UK, WI102, WI11, WI121, WI121UK, WI122, WIA100, WIA101, WIA101UK, WIA110, WIA111, WIA111UK, WIA121, WIA121UK, WIA122, WIA60, WIA602, WIA61, WIA64, WIA80, WIA82, WIA9, WIAL143, WIE10, WIE107, WIE12, WIE127, WIE127UK, WIE128, WIE147, WIE147UKTE, WIE147UKTEV, WIE148, WIE87, IWB5065, IWB50651CECO, IWB5065B, IWB50852EV, IWB5105, IWB51052EV, IWB5113, IWB5113UK, IWB5123, IWB51231ECO, IWB51231ECOU, IWB5123B, IWB5123UK, IWB5123UKB, IWB5123UKE, IWB5125, IWB51251CECOEU, IWB51431ECO, IWB6063, IWB6065, IWB6065B, IWB60830, IWB6085B, IWB6095B, IWB6103, IWB61051, IWB6113, IWB6113ECO, IWB6113ECOUK, IWB6113UK, IWB6123, IWB6123UK, IWB6123UKE, IWB6143, IWB61451CECOEU, IWB6163, IWB6165, IWB71250, IWB71250.T, IWB71250UK, IWB71250UK.T, IWB71250UKE, IWB71251ECOU, IWB71251ECOUK.T, IWC5085, IWC5085B, IWC5105, IWC5105B, IWC5105ECO, IWC5125, IWC5145, IWC6083, IWC60851ECO, IWC6085B, IWC6085S, IWC60861ECO, IWC6086ECO, IWC6093, IWC6095, IWC6103, IWC6105, IWC6105.T, IWC61050, IWC61051ECO, IWC61051FR, IWC61052EV, IWC6105B, IWC6105S, IWC6105UK, IWC6105UKE, IWC61061ECO, IWC6106ECO, IWC6123, IWC6125, IWC61251, IWC61251ECO, IWC61251FR, IWC61251SECO, IWC61251SECOUK, IWC61251SL, IWC6125B, IWC6125S, IWC6125SUK, IWC6125SUKE, IWC6125UK, IWC6125UKE, IWC61281ECO, IWC6133, IWC6133UK, IWC6143, IWC6145, IWC61451ECOU, IWC61451ECOUK, IWC61451S.EC, IWC61451SECO, IWC61451SECOUK, IWC6145S, IWC6145SUK, IWC6145SUKE, IWC6145UK, IWC6145UKE, IWC61481ECO, IWC6153, IWC6153UK, IWC6165, IWC61651ECO, IWC61651ECOU, IWC61651SECO, IWC61651SECOUK, IWC6165S, IWC6165SUK, IWC6165SUKE, IWC6165UK, IWC6165UKE, IWC7085, IWC7089ECO, IWC71051, IWC71051C, IWC71051CECO, IWC71051CFR.T, IWC7105B, IWC7105ECO, IWC7105S, IWC7108, IWC71081ECO, IWC71082CECO, IWC7108ECO, IWC7115, IWC7123, IWC7125, IWC71251C, IWC71251C.T, IWC71251CECO, IWC71251ECO, IWC71252CFR, IWC71252ECO, IWC7125S, IWC7128, IWC71281ECOEU, IWC71282ECO, IWC71351C, IWC7145, IWC71450, IWC71450UK, IWC71450UKE, IWC71451C, IWC71451ECO, IWC71451ECOU, IWC71451ECOUK, IWC7148, IWC7168, IWD5085, IWD5105, IWD5105ECO, IWD5123, IWD51231ECO, IWD51231ECOU, IWD5123UK, IWD5123UKE, IWD5125, IWD5145, IWD6085, IWD6103, IWD6105, IWD61051ECO, IWD6105B, IWD61081, IWD61082CECO, IWD61082CECOIT.T, IWD6125, IWD61250K, IWD61250KUK, IWD61250KUKE, IWD61251, IWD6125S, IWD6125UK, IWD6125UKE, IWD61282CECO, IWD61430, IWD6145, IWD61450, IWD61450UK, IWD61450UKE, IWD61451, IWD61451BECO, IWD61451CECOEU, IWD61451DE.T, IWD61451ECOBUK.T, IWD61481, IWD6165, IWD7085B, IWD71051CECO, IWD7105B, IWD7108B, IWD7108ECO, IWD7109BSECO, IWD7125, IWD71250, IWD71250.T, IWD71250S, IWD71250SUK, IWD71250SUKE, IWD71250UK, IWD71250UK.T, IWD71250UKE, IWD71251, IWD71251C, IWD71251ECO, IWD71251ECOU, IWD71251ECOUK.T, IWD71251SC, IWD71251SECO, IWD71251SECOUK, IWD71251UK.T, IWD71252CECOEU.T, IWD7125B, IWD7125ECO, IWD7125S, IWD7128, IWD71282BSCECOIT, IWD7128B, IWD7128BECO, IWD7128S, IWD7145, IWD71451BECO, IWD71451CFR.T, IWD71451ECOU, IWD71451ECOUK.T, IWD71451KECO, IWD71451KECOUK, IWD71451SECO, IWD71451SECOUK, IWD7145B, IWD7145K, IWD7145KUK, IWD7145KUKE, IWD7145S, IWD7145SUK, IWD7145SUKE, IWD7145UK, IWD7145UKE, IWD7148, IWD71482B, IWD71482BDE.T, IWD7148B, IWD7148SL, IWD7168, IWD71682B, IWD7168B, IWD7168S, IWD7168SUK, IWD7168UK, IWE5105, IWE5125, IWE6085, IWE6105, IWE61051CECO, IWE6108ECO, IWE6125, IWE61251ECO, IWE6125B, IWE6126BSECO, IWE61282CECO, IWE6145, IWE61481, IWE7105B, IWE71082ECO, IWE71082SCECO(EU, IWE71082SECO, IWE7108ECO, IWE7108S, IWE71251BECO, IWE7125B, IWE7125S, IWE71281ECO, IWE71282ECO, IWE7128B, IWE7128BECO, IWE7128ECO, IWE7129BSECO, IWE71451BC, IWE71451BECO, IWE71451BECOUK.T, IWE7145B, IWE7145BUK, IWE7145BUKE, IWE7145K, IWE7145KUK, IWE7145S, IWE7145SUK, IWE71482B, IWE71482BECO, IWE7148B, IWE71682BECO, IWE7168B, IWE7168BUK, IWE7168S, IWE7168SUK, WIL10, WIL1000OT, WIL101, WIL102, WIL103, WIL103UK, WIL105, WIL106, WIL106FR, WIL106SP, WIL11, WIL113, WIL113UK, WIL113UKTE, WIL12, WIL12/1, WIL1200OT, WIL123, WIL124, WIL125, WIL126, WIL13, WIL133, WIL133UKTE, WIL133UKTEV, WIL133UKTEV/, WIL14, WIL140B, WIL143, WIL143UKTE, WIL144, WIL145, WIL146, WIL146SP, WIL62, WIL63, WIL66, WIL8, WIL81, WIL82, WIL85, WIL86, WIL95, WILB12, WILM64, WIXE107, WIXE12.1, WIXE127, WIXE127.R, WIXE127UKTEV, WIXE14.1, WIXE147, WIXL101.R, WIXL104, WIXL105, WIXL106, WIXL106.N, WIXL115, WIXL12, WIXL123, WIXL123.1, WIXL123UK, WIXL123UK.1, WIXL123UK.1T, WIXL123UKTEV, WIXL125, WIXL126, WIXL128.R, WIXL133, WIXL133UK, WIXL135, WIXL14, WIXL143, WIXL143UK, WIXL143UKTEV, WIXL145, WIXL65, WIXL85, WIXL86, WIXL86.R, WIXL95, WIXXE127, WIXXE127UK.R, WIXXL108.R, WIXXL128, WIXXL148.R, WIXXL166.R, WIXXL168.R