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Indesit Oven Grill Shelf 477mm x 363mm Replacement Cooker Spare Part Genuine C00385308

by Indesit
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Genuine Indesit Oven Cooker Grill Shelf (477mm x 363mm) C00385308

Brand new, genuine original shelf for for your Indesit oven / cooker.

477mm x 363mm

Fits models:


DFW 5544 C IX UK, IFW 5844 C IX, DFW 5530 IX UK, IFW 5530 IX, IFW 55Y4 IX, IFW 5230 IX, IFW 6230 BL, IFW 5844 P IX, IFW 6230 IX UK, IFW 6230 IX, IFW 3534 H IX, IFW 6834 BL, KFW 3543 H IX UK, IFW 6330 IX UK, IFW 6330 BL UK, IFW 6330 WH UK, IFW 6834 IX, IFW 3844 H IX, IFW 5841 JP IX, IFW 6841 JH BL, IFW 6540 P IX, IFW 5844 JP IX, IFW 6230 WH UK, IFW 6530 IX, IFW 6844 C IX, IFW 6540 C IX, IFW 5834 IX, IFW 6844 JC IX, IFW 6340 IX UK, IFW 6841 JH IX, IFW 3841 C IX, IFW 6544 IX.1, IFW 3841 JC IX, IFW 6841 JP IX, IFW 5544 IX, IFW 3841 JH IX, IFW 3844 P IX, IFW 3844 JP IX, IFW 3540 P IX, KFW 3841 JH IX UK, KFW 3844 H IX UK, IFW 6530 IX UK, IFW 3544 JH IX, IFW 4534 H WH, IFW 4534 H BL, IFW 4841 P WH, IFW 4841 C BL, IFW 4534 H TD, IFW 3540 J IX, IFW 6844 JC BL, IFW 4841 JH BL, IFW 6530 WH, IGW 620 IX, IGW 620 IX UK, IGW 620 BL, IGW 620 WH, IGW 324 IX, IFW 6340 BL UK, IFW 3841 P IX UK, IFW 4841 C BL UK, IFW 6340 WH UK, IFW 4844 H BL, IFW 3544 C IX, IFW 6544 H IX UK, IFW 6834 WH, IFW 6220 BL, IFW 5844 IX, IFW 5844 JH IX, IFW 6544 IX, IFW 6530 BL, IFW 4844 H WH, IFW 4841 C WH, IFW 4844 H BL UK, IFW 4841 JC BL, IFW 6220 IX, IFW 4841 P BL, IFW 65Y0 IX UK, IFW 65Y0 IX, IFW 65Y0 J IX, IFW 65Y0 J BL, IFW 6230 WH.1, IFW 4534 H GR

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gabrielle Brecknock
Great addition

Great addition for my oven that only came with one shelf

Perfect additional shelf

Not sure why the Indesit oven only had one shelf but really pleased to find this website to obtain another, perfect fit and speedy delivery.


Straight replacement of original


Perfect oven shelf for my new indesit oven as it only came with one shelf..Very pleased with this purchase!!

It looked the same as the one that came with the oven

It was just the same quality as the one that came with the over and fitted the same too

Customer Reviews

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