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INDESIT 2 Turn Heater Element Oven Cooker (2000 Watt)

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INDESIT Oven Cooker 2 Turn Heater Element (2000 Watt)

Genuine replacement 2 turn heater element for Indesit Oven Cookers.

2000 watts
2 Turns
Length: 210 mm
Width: 180 mm
Bracket: 70 mm
Tags: 25 mm

***Please note: element will arrive with either 2 TAG or 4 TAG fitting depending on manufacturer stock (they are fully interchangeable and will perform the same)***

Fits models:


BIMDS 23 B IX S, BIMDS 23 B IX, BIMS 31 K.A B IX GB, BIMS 31K.A B IX GB S, DD60C2C(X)UK, DD60C2CRUK, DIMDN13IXS, FI 31 K.B (BK) GB, FI 31 K.B (WH) GB, FI 31 K.B IX GB, FID10IX/1 S, FID10IX/1, FID20BK (T), FID20BK MK2, FID20BK/1, FID20IX MK2, FID20IX/1, FID20WH (T), FID20WH MK2, FID20WH/1, FIDM20IX (T), FIDM20IX MK2, FIDM20IX/1, FIE 36 K.B (BK) GB/1, FIE 36 K.B (BK) GB, FIE 36 K.B (WH) GB/1, FIE 36 K.B (WH) GB, FIE 36 K.B IX GB/1, FIE 36 K.B IX GB, FIM 31 K.A (BK) GB, FIM 31 K.A (WH) GB, FIM 31 K.A IX GB, FIM 33 K.A (BK) GB, FIM 33 K.A (WH) GB, FIM 33 K.A IX GB, FIMD 13 IX S, FIMD 13 IX, FIMD 23 (BK) S, FIMD 23 (WH) S, FIMD 23 IX S, FIMD 23 IX, FIMD E 23 IX S, FIMD E 23 IX, FIMD23BK, FIMD23WH, FIMU 23 (BK) S, FIMU 23 (WH) S, FIMU 23 (WH), FIMU 23 IX S, FIMU 23 IX, FIMU23BK, FIU20BK (T), FIU20BK, FIU20IX (T), FIU20IX MK2, FIU20IX/1, FIU20WH (T), FIU20WH MK2, FIU20WH/1, FV 10 K.B IX GB, FV 20 K.B (WH) GB, I6EVA(W)/UK, I6GTAG(W)/T, I6VV2A(W)/UK, I6VV2A(X)/EX, I6VV2A(X)/UK, ID60C2(A) S, ID60C2(A), ID60C2(K) S, ID60C2(K), ID60C2(M) S, ID60C2(W) S, ID60C2(W), ID60C2(X) S, ID60C2(X), ID60C2AA(M), ID60C2M, ID60C2NUK, ID60C2RUK, ID60E2(W) S, ID60E2(W), ID6IVS2(A)/UK, ID6IVS2(X)/UK, IS60C1(W) S, IS60C1(W), IS60C1(X), IS60C1(XX) S, IS60E(W) S, IS60E(W), K 342 V(W)/IR, K 342 V(W)/O, K 343 V(X)/O, K 345 VT.B(W)/O, K 346 VT.B(X)/O, K 3C8 V(W)/G, K 3C8 V(X)/G, K 3C8 V.B A/G, K 3C8 V.B(X)/G, K 3C8 VA/G, K3C36(X)/G, K3C8VW/G, K3C8VX/G, K3T32(W)/O, K3T32S(W)/O, K3T35(X)/O, K3T35S(X)/O, K6C32(W)/G, K6C32(X)/G, K6C320(W)/G, K6C320(X)/AUS, K6C320(X)/G, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(X)/G, K6G32(W)/G, K6G32(X)/G, K6G4(W)/T, K6G40S(W)/T, K6G4S(W)/T, K6M40S(W)/T, K6M4S(W)/T, KD6C35A, KD6C35K, KD6C35M (T), KD6C35M, KD6C35W (T), KD6C35W, KD6C35X (T), KD6C35X, KD6E35W (T), KD6E35W, KD6G35M, KD6G35W, KD6G35X, KDP60C (T), KDP60C, KDP60CS, KDP60E (T), KDP60E, KDP60SE S, KDP60SE, KN6C320(X)/AUS S, KN6C320(X)/AUS, KN6G40SA(W)/T S, KN6M40SA(W)/T S, KN6M40SA(W)/T, KT6C3M, KT6C3W, RID60C2 (W) UK

Customer Reviews

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Dave Botwright
Great product 👌 but took a bit longer than expected to arrive

Ordered on the sunday and payed for the fastest delivery option. Was expecting this to be Tues but didn't arrive until weds pm. Not necessarily the fault of the supplier though. The product itself is perfect. As described and very good quality. Will purchase from them again