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Incoloy Boiler Heating Element 27" Hard Water Immersion Heater Thermostat Copper

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Hard Water Incoloy Immersion Water Heating Element + Thermostat (27", 3000W, 230V)

Brand new, premium quality 3000w water boiling element for your immersion heater / water boiler. Designed for use in areas of hard water where limescale is a problem.

Length: 27" / 68.6cm
Material: Incoloy Immersion Heater & Copper Pocket
Power: 3000W / 230V
Tested by Intertek to: BS-EN60335-2-73 and BS-EN60730-2-9
15A Dual Safety Thermostat
2 1/4" Brass Boss & Sealing gasket + Metal Cap
Wired and ready for use