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Hotpoint Washing Machine 10 Hole Drum Paddle Lifter Arms (Pack of 3, 183mm x 53mm x 38mm)

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Genuine HOTPOINT Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter Arms (Pack of 3)

Brand new, genuine original lifter arms for your Hotpoint washing machine.

Dimensions: 183 x 53 x 38 mm

Quantity: Pack of 3

Fits Models:


HVF344, HVL241, WIN82EX, HVL200, HVL211, HVL222, WMAL621, WMAL621P, WMAL641G, WMAL641K, WMAL641P, WMAL661G, WMAL661P, WMF520 P (UK).R, WMF540G (UK).R, WMF540P (UK).R, WMF560P (UK).R, WMF601, WMF602 CTK, WMF720G (UK).R, WMF720G.R, WMF720P (UK).R, WMF720P.R, WMF740A (UK).R, WMF740G (UK).R, WMF740K (UK).R, WMF740K.R, WMF740P (UK).R, WMF740P.R, WMF760A (UK).R, WMF760G (UK).R, WMF760P (UK).R, WMF520P.R, WMF520PUK. R, WMF520PUK.R, WMF520PUK.RA, WMF540G.R, WMF540GUK.R, WMF540P, WMF540P.R, WMF540PUK.R, WMF540PUK.RA, WMF560P.R, WMF560PUK.R, WMF601EU, WMF700EU, WMF701EU, WMF702BTK, WMF702EU, WMF7081BSEU, WMF720GUK.R, WMF720GUK.RA, WMF720PUK.R, WMF720PUK.RA, WMF722BSCEU, WMF722EU, WMF740A.R, WMF740AUK.R, WMF740G.R, WMF740GUK.R, WMF740KUK.R, WMF740PUK.R, WMF760A.R, WMF760AUK.R, WMF760G.R, WMF760GUK.R, WMF760P.R, WMF760PUK.R, WMF760PUK.RE, WMF760PUK.RT, WMFG 611G UK, WMFG 611P UK, WMFG611GUK, WMFG611PUK, WMFG651PUK, WML520P, WML540G, WML540P, WML540R, WML560G, WML560P, WML560R, WML6081, WML720P, WML720R, WML722, WML730G, WML730R, WML730P, WML760P, WML760R, WML520P, WML520P.R, WML520PUK, WML520PUK.R, WML520PUK.RA, WML520PUKE, WML520PUKRE, WML540GUK, WML540GUK.C, WML540GUK.R, WML540PUK.K, WML540PUK.R, WML540PUK.RA, WML540PUK.RE, WML560G.R, WML560GUK.R, WML560P.R, WML560PUK.R, WML601EU, WML601GR, WML601IT, WML6081TK, WML621EU, WML622IT, WML702IT, WML720P.R, WML720P.RA, WML720PUK.R, WML720PUK.RA, WML720PUKRE, WML730GUK.R, WML730P, WML730P.R, WML730PUK.R, WML730PUK.RA, WML740GUK.R, WML740PUK.R, WML760P.R, WML760PUK.R