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Heater Element for Electrolux Fan Oven Cooker (2 Turn, 2400w)

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Heater Element for Electrolux Fan Oven Cooker (2 Turn, 2400w)

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement heater element for your Electrolux fan oven / cooker.


2 Turn
2400 Watts
Length: 225mm
Width: 200mm
Bracket: 70mm
Tags: 25mm

Fits models:


EB-E 6310, 40016VH-WN, 40036VI-WN, 40036VI-WN 24T, 40056VH-M+AF 71L, 40106VE-WN, 40106VE-WN 00U, 41016VH-WN, 41016VH-WN 23T, 41016VI-WN, 41016VI-WN 24T, 41056VH-MN, 41056VH-MN 23T, 41056VH-MN 71L, 41056VI-MN, 41056VI-MN 24T, 41056VI-MN 66L, 41136VE-WN, 41136VE-WN 00U, 61016VI-AN 24T, 61016VI-WN 24T, B1180-4 M UK R07, B1180-4 W UK R07, B1180-5-M UK R08, B2100-4 B UK R07, B2100-4 M UK R07, B2100-4 W UK R07, B2100-5-M UK R08, B3101-5-M, B3101-5-M UK R08, B3101-5-W, B3101-5-W UK R08, B4101-5-M, B4101-5-M UK R08, B5741-5-A UK R08, B5741-5-M, B5741-5-M UK R08, B8871-5-M, B8871-5-M UK R08, B9879-5-M, B9879-5-M UK R08, E2191-4-A UK R05, E41.243M 29I, E41243M 29I, E41243M 29J, E42010-4-M, E43010-4-M, E4401-4-B AEG-NORDIC, EBSL60SAL, EBSL60SCN, EKC63004W R07, EKC63304W 60P, EKC63307X, EKC63307X 25T, EKC63307X 61P, EKC63314W, EKC63314W 21T, EKC63314W 60P, EKC63314W R07, EKC63314X, EKC63314X 21T, EKC63314X 60P, EKC63314X R08 AFIPRI, EKE63004W R07, EOB51000B UK ENV06, EOB51000W UK ENV06, EOB51000X UK AFIPRI, EOB51000X UK ENV06, EOB53000B UK ENV06, EOB53000K, EOB53000K UK ENV06, EOB53000W, EOB53000W UK ENV06, EOB53000X, EOB53000X UK AFIPRI, EOB53000X UK ENV06, EOB5600B UK R05, EOB5600W UK R05, EOB5600X UK R05, EOB5610B UK R05, EOB5610K UK R05, EOB5610W UK R05, EOB5610X UK R05, EOB5630B UK R05, EOB5630K UK R05, EOB5630W UK R05, EOB5630X UK R05, EOB5665G UK R05, EOB63000W, EOB63000W UK ENV06, EOB63000X, EOB63000X UK AFIPRI, EOB63000X UK ENV06, EOB63100K, EOB63100K UK ENV06, EOB63100X, EOB63100X UK AFIPRI, EOB63100X UK ENV06, EOB6630K UK R05, EOB6630W UK R05, EOB6630X UK R05, EOB6630XK UK R05, EOB6632K UK R05, EOB6632W UK R05, EOB6632X UK R05, EOB6636X UK R05, EOB6696X UK R05, EOB67000X UK ENV06, EOB941K, EOB941W, EOB941X, EOB944K, EOB944W, EOB944X, EOB945B1, EOB945GR1, EOB945KNOST, EOB945W1, EOB948IK, EOB948IX, EOB948K, EOB948P, EOB948W, EOB948X, EOB974W, EOB975B1, EOB975BU1, EOB975GR1, EOB975R1, EOB975W1, EOB979IK, EOB979K, EOB979W, EOB990W1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB990X1 FAE M.P.UK, EOB994K1 FAE M-P E, EOB994X1 FAE M-P E, EOC6450 (W)FAE MP., EOC6450X (X)FAE MP., EOC65140X UK ENV06, EOC6690X UK R05, EOC68000X UK ENV06, EOC69400X, EOC69400X UK SMART A, EON5620W UPDATE ELUX, EON5620X UPDATE ELUX, EON5627K, EON5627X, EON5631B, EON5631W, EON5631X, EON5647K UPDATE ELUX, EON5647W UPDATE ELUX, EON5647X UPDATE ELUX, EON6635X, EON6637X UPDATE ELUX, EON6697X UPDATE ELUX, EOO5600X, EOO6634X, EOO6634X DE, QCB631K, QCB631W, QCB631X, QCB632K, QCB632W, QCB632X, QCB634K, QCB634W, QCB634X, QCB830-1-W, QCB830-1-X, QCB831-1-K, QCB831-1-W, QCB831-1-X, QCE531K, QCE531W, QCE531X, QCE532, QCE532K, QCE532W, QCE532X, QCE534X, QCE535K, QCE535W, QCE535X, QCE540K1 FAE M-P., QCE540W1 FAE M-P., QCE540X1 FAE M-P

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.