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Grill Element for HOTPOINT Oven Cooker UY46 KD6 EW84 BD32 ARC60 DY46 2660W Dual

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Twin Grill Element for Hotpoint Oven Cooker (2660 Watts)

Brand new premium quality compatible replacement upper grill element for Hotpoint Oven Cooker.

Product Specification:
2660 watts
Twin Element
Height: 320 mm
Width: 375 mm
Bracket: 134 mm
Tags: 112 - 38 mm

Fits models:


61DCW, 61DCW(T), 62DCBK, 62DCW, 62DCW S, ARC60W, ARC60X, BD32B MK2, BD32B MK2(T), BD32B/2, BD32K MK2, BD32K MK2(T), BD32K/2, BD32P, BD32P (T), BD32P/2, BD42SS MK2, BD42SS MK2T, BD42SS/2, C367EIH, C367EKH, C367EKH(T), C367EWH, C367EWH(T), C367EXH, C367EXH(T), C368EWH, C368EWH(T), DD53X, DH 51 K, DH 51 W, DH51K, DH51W, DH53B, DH53B S, DH53CK, DH53CK S, DH53K, DH53K S, DH53W, DH53W S, DH53X, DH53X S, DHS 51 X, DHS51X, DHS53CX, DHS53CX S, DHS53X, DHS53X S, DSC60P, DSC60S, DSC60S S, DSC60S S.1, DSD60S, DSD60S S, DUE61R, DY46K MK2, DY46K MK2(T), DY46K/2, DY46W MK2, DY46W MK2(T), DY46W/2, DY46X, DY46X MK2(T), DY46X/2, EG74G, EG74G(T), EG74P, EG74P(T), EG74X, EG74X(T), EW74G, EW74G(T), EW74K, EW74K(T), EW74P, EW74P(T), EW74X, EW74X(T), EW84G, EW84G(T), EW84K, EW84K(T), EW84P, EW84P(T), EW84X, EW84X(T), HAE60G, HAE60G S, HAE60K, HAE60K S, HAE60P, HAE60P S, HAE60X, HAE60X S, HARE60K, HARE60P, HUD61G, HUD61G S, HUD61K, HUD61K S, HUD61P, HUD61P S, HUD61X, HUD61X S, HUE61G, HUE61G S, HUE61K, HUE61K S, HUE61P, HUE61P S, HUE61X, HUE61X S, HUI611 X, HUI614 K, JLE61P, KD6E35W, KD6G35M, KD6G35X, S130EWHMK2T, S130EXHMK2T, UD53X, UH 51 K, UH 51 W, UH51K, UH51W, UH53B, UH53K, UH53K S, UH53W, UH53W S, UHA 83 C X, UHA83CX, UHB 83J K, UHB83JK, UHD 83J X, UHD83JX, UHS 51 X, UHS51X, UHS53X, UHS53X S, UY46K MK2, UY46K MK2(T), UY46W MK2, UY46W MK2T, UY46X, UY46X MK2(T), UY46X/2

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Cooper

Grill element was delivered on time. Easy to fit. Worked perfectly. Price reasonable too. Couldn't be better. Thanks.

As described

Great product, came as described and works as expected.

Works well

This is simple to replace and works very well. We had the previous one suddenly stopped working on one side of the double grill. Looked up for a replacement by model number. Followed a simple instructions video on replacement and worked straight away. I Made sure the appliance is disconnected and took a photo from the wiring in the back before taking off the old one.

Works perfectly

Exactly what I wanted


Very quick service, good price , works fine & dandy

Customer Reviews

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