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Glass Turntable Plate for SAMSUNG Microwave Oven (317mm)

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Microwave Glass Turntable Plate for SAMSUNG

Brand new, premium quality, replacement glass turntable plate compatible with Samsung microwave oven.

Diameter - 317 mm
Features 3 Small pips & indentations on base of glass plate to enable it to sit securely on the centre support stand.
Dishwasher safe

Fits models:


Fits the vast majority of Samsung microwaves with a 315mm or larger turntable plate with standard clover leaf indentations as pictured, which includes but is not limited to the models below. (Please compare your existing plate's centre point fixings to ensure compatibility before purchase)
AMC5101AAB, AMC5101AAS, AMC5101AAW, AMC5108AAB, AMC5108AAW, C100, C103, C106, C109ST, CE1000TBXEF, CE1000TSXEN, CE1000TXEF, CE1000TXEN, CE1000XEN, CE100VS, CE100VSXEN, CE100VW, CE100VWXEN, CE1031-B, CE1052AT, CE1070, CE1070TS, CE1070TSXET, CE1071, CE1071S, CE1071SXEN, CE1071XEF, CE107BAFSXEO, CE107F-S, CE107FSXEF, CE107FTSXEF0000, CE107KB, CE107M4WXEF, CE107MBXEN, CE107MST, CE107MST3XEN, CE107MSTXFA, CE107MSXEF, CE107MT, CE107MTST, CE107VB, CE107VBXEF, CE107VW, CE107VWXEF, CE1100, CE1100SXEG, CE1100SXEN, CE1100XEN, CE1110, CE1110XEN, CE1160, CE1180UBTXEN, CM1012B, CM1020B, CM1022B, GE102VTXEF, GE1072S, GE107L, GS109F1SXEF, MC1002WB, MC1015BB, MC1015UBB, MC1015UWB, MC1015WB, MC28H5013AW, MC28H5015AKEG, MC28H5015AWEF, MD800SC, MD800WC, ME102VXEF, ME1060SB, ME1060WB, ME109F1SXEF, ME1240SC, ME1260SA, ME1260SB, ME1280STC, ME5490W, MG1045WC, MG6320W, MO1450CA, MO1450WA, MR1031CWC, MR1031UWC, MR1031WB, MR1032BB, MR1032CBC, MR1032UBC, MR1033SB, MR1034CBD, MR1034CWD, MR1034UBD, MR1034UWD, MR1050USTC, MR5491G01, MR5492W01, MR5493G01, MS1040BB, MS1040CB, MS1040WB, MS1070WA, MS1240BB, MS1240CB, MS1240WB, MS1270BA, MS1270WA, MS5796W01, MT1044BB, MT1044CB, MT1044WB, MT1055WD, MT1066SB, MT1088SB, MW1020BA, MW1020WA, MW1030BA, MW1030SA, MW1030SB, MW1030WA, MW1030WC, MW1040BC, MW1040WA, MW1040WC, MW1050STC, MW1060BA, MW1060SA, MW1080STA, MW1150BA, MW1150DA, MW1150WA, MW1180STA, MW1230WA, MW1280STA, MW1280STD, MW1550SA, MW5330T, MW5350W, MW5360W, MW5370W, MW5380W, MW5430W, MW5470W, MW5480W, MW5490K, MW5490W, MW5630T, MW5730W, MW6350R, MW8103SS, MW8103SSC, SMH3150BF, SMH3150BG, SMH3150WF, SMH3150WG, SMW4410

This product is designed to be compatible with Samsung machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.