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Genuine Hotpoint Indesit Dishwasher Grey Cutlery Basket Tray Cage C00257140

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Hotpoint Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Replace your cracked and damaged old dishwasher cutlery basket with this genuine spare part from Hotpoint.

16 x 21 x 12 cm (22.5 cm with handle).

Fits Models:


BF41, BF50B, BF50W, BLT64A, DF53P, DF54P, FDAL28P, FDEF33121G, FDEF33121P, FDF780A, FDF780G, FDF780K, FDF780P, FDF780PR, FDF780X, FDF784A.R, FDF784G.R, FDF784K.R, FDF784P.R, FDF784X.R, FDL570A, FDL570A.R, FDL570G, FDL570G.R, FDL570P, FDL570P.R, FDL570X, FDL570X.R, FDM550P, FDM550P.R, FDM554P, FDM554P.R, FDPF481G, FDPF481K, FDPF481P, FDPF481X, FDL570X.R, J123W, LFS114BUK, LFS114KUK, LFS114WUK, LFS114XUK, LFT04UK/TA, LFT114/HA, LFT114UK, LFT114UK.R, LFT2284AUK, LFT228AUK, LTF11M121OUK, LTF8M121CUK, FDF780K, FDL570A.R, FDM554P.R, LFT04UK/TA