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Fill Water Pipe Drain Hose Extension Outlet Kit for BEKO BELLING NEW WORLD LEISURE Dishwasher 2.5m

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Inlet & Drain Hose Kit for BEKO / BELLING / NEW WORLD / LEISURE Dishwasher (2.5m)

Brand new, premium quality compatible hose kit for your dishwasher. This kit can be used to extend your existing fill & drain hoses, or as a standalone kit to enable water supply to dishwashers up to 2.5m away from the water & drainage pipes, without the need for several connectors. Perfect for longer kitchens, this kit includes all the fixings and hose clamps you will need for most installations.

Kit Includes:
1 x Fill Hose (2.5m)
1 x Fill Hose Inlet Extension Adaptor
2 x Fill Hose Additional Seal Rings
1 x Drain Hose (2.5m)
1 x Drain Hose Extension Adaptor
1 x Wall Mountable Drain Hose Pipe Hook
2 x Pipe Fastening Screw Clamps for Drain Hose

Product Features:
Enables water supply to machines up to 2.5m away from water & drainage pipes
Includes full set of adaptors to attach this kit to your existing hoses for extra reach
Fill hose has 1 x straight connector + 1 x 90° angled connector (both standard fitting 3/4" BSP)
Both fill hose ends have fully integrated pipe seal - with additional seals for use if needed
Drain hose pipe hook is wall mountable & helps maintain the shape of the hose, making it more efficient and avoiding blockages
Drain hose pipe screw clip clamps ensure a water-tight connection on both the join & the appliance

Fits models:


Fits all makes & models of dishwasher