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Drum Paddle Lifter Arm for Candy Washing Machines (180mm x 53mm)

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Drum Paddle Lifter Arm for CANDY Washing Machine 

Brand new, premium quality compatible drum paddle fin for your Candy washing machine.

Dimensions: 180 x 53mm

Fits Models:


CDB26480, CDB264-80, CDB464, CDB46447S, CDB464-47S, CDB465, CDB46547S, CDB475D, CDB475D/1, CDB475D/1-01, CDB475D/101S, CDB475D01S, CDB475D-01S, CDB485D, CDB485D/1, CDB485D/1-37, CDB485D/137S, CDB485D37S, CDB485D-37S, CDB754D/1-8, CDB754D/180, CDB754D80, CDB754D-80, CDB854D80, CDB854D-80, CKDGO128, CO108F/L1S, CO108F/LS, CO108F-12, CO108F37S, CO108F-37S, CO127DF-16S, CO128DF12, CO128DF-12, CO217, CO21747, CO217-47, CO372, CO37247, CO372-47, CWB1307, CWB1307/L, CWB1307/LS, CWB130701S, CWB1307-01S, CWB13077, CWB1308, CWB1308/L, CWB1308/LS, CWB130837S, CWB1308-37S, CWB71480S, CWB714-80S, CWB714D/L80S, CWB714D80S, CWB714D-80S, CWB814D/L80S, CWB814D/L-80S, CWB814D80S, CWB814D-80S, GO107/1-01, GO107/1-04S, GO107-04S, GO107-36S, GO107DF/1-01, GO107DF/11, GO107DF-01, GO108/1-01, GO108/1-16S, GO108/1-37, GO108/2-01, GO108/2-16S, GO108-01, GO108-04S, GO1080D-36S, GO108-16S, GO108DF/1, GO108DF/116S, GO108DF/L1, GO108DF/L18, GO108DF/L1S, GO108DF/LS, GO108DF-01, GO108DF-16S, GO108DF18, GO108DFUK, GO108TXT-07S, GO109-01, GO1182D126S, GO12102D-04, GO12102D37, GO12102D-37, GO12102DOS, GO12102DUK, GO121054L, GO121054L04S, GO121054L-1, GO121054L12, GO127-18S, GO1272D, GO1272D-84S, GO127DF-18S, GO1280D-01, GO1280D-16S, GO1280D-37, GO1280DX-37S, GO1282-80, GO1282D/1-1, GO1282D/118S, GO1282D/L1S, GO1282D/LS, GO1282D-01, GO1282D-04OS, GO1282D-04S, GO1282D-12, GO1282D-18S, GO1282D-37, GO1282DS-18, GO1282DS18S, GO1282DUK, GO1282D-UK, GO1284L12, GO1284L-12, GO128-86S, GO128DF/LS, GO128DF-18S, GO128TXT-07S, GO1292D, GO1292D-12, GO1292D-37S, GO1292DE, GO1292DE37S, GO1292DE-S, GO129-86S, GO129E, GO129E1, GO129E86S, GO129E-86S, GO1410HLST66, GO147/1-01, GO147DF, GO147DF14S, GO147DF-47, GO147DF84, GO147DF-84, GO147DF-84S, GO148, GO148/1-86S, GO148/2-86S, GO148/3-86S, GO148/L1S, GO148/LS, GO1480D-37, GO1480D-86S, GO1480DH-01, GO1480DH-86S, GO1480HLS, GO1480HLS66, GO148-14, GO1482-80, GO1482D, GO1482D-14, GO1482D-47, GO1482D-84, GO1482D-86S, GO1482DE, GO1482DE/184, GO1482DE47, GO1482DE-47, GO1482DH-01, GO1482DH-16S, GO148-47, GO1484LE-01, GO1484LE1, GO148-86S, GO148DF, GO148DF/184, GO148DF/KIRAN, GO148DF/L, GO148DF/L47, GO148DF/LS, GO148DF-03S, GO148DF-47, GO148L, GO148L-47, GO149, GO1492D-01, GO1492DH-16S, GO149-47, GO1494DH-16S, GO1494LE, GO1494LE-01, GO1494LE1, GO1494LE47, GO1494LE-47, GO1672D84, GO1672D-84, GO1675D-84, GO1682, GO1682-80, GO1682D-84, GO1682D-86S, GO1682DE/184, GO218, GO218-47, GO282/1-80, GO282/2-80, GO282-80, GO292-80, GO482/1, GO482/1-80, GO482/2-80, GO482-80, GO492-80, GO682-80, GO712, GO712-47, GO713/1, GO713/1-47, GO714/1, GO714/1-47, GO812D-12S, GO822, GO822-47, GO914-49, GODF800/1, GODF800/180, GODF800/L80, GODF80080, GODF800-80, GODF800L-80, GOF107, GOF107/1-36, GOF107/2-36S, GOF107-36S, GOF108/1-16, GOF108/2-16, GOF108/L1S, GOF108/LS, GOF108-16S, GOF127, GOF127/1, GOF127/1-47, GOF127/2, GOF127/2-47, GOF127-01S, GOF127-47, GOF137, GOF137-47, GOF147-01S, GOF218, GOF21847, GOF472/280, GOF472/2-80, GOF822/180, GOF82280, GOF822-80, GOF842/180, GOF842/1-80, GOF8421-80, GOF84280, GOF842-80, GOW1458/1-3, GOW1458/137S, GOW1458-37S, GOW338D, GOW338D47, GOW338D-47, GOW475, GOW47547, GOW475-47, GOW47580, GOW475-80, GOW475S, GOW477, GOW47747, GOW485D, GOW485D/1, GOW485D/101S, GOW485D/1-01S, GOW485D/147, GOW485D/1-47, GOW485D-01S, GOW485D-47, GOW485DS-04, GOW485DS04S, GOW485DS66, GOW485DUK, GOW485D-UK, GOW496D, GOW496D-01S, GOW496D-12S, GOW496D47, GOW496DAUS, SKDGO149

Please note: this product is not manufactured by Candy, but it is designed to be compatible with Candy machines. The Candy name, model names and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.