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Door Hinge Kit 3905 3362 3363 5.0 for Whirlpool Ignis Bauknecht Fridge Freezer

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Integrated Upper & Lower Door Hinge Kit for Whirlpool / Ignis / Bauknecht Fridge Freezer

Brand new, premium quality fully compatible door hinge kit for your Whirlpool, Ignis or Bauknecht integrated fridge freezer.

Fits Models:


200.150.67 CBU 636 W, 200.150.67 ENERGISK CBU 636 W, 302.823.76 UCW 84, 502.823.75 UCW 81, 702.822.99 UC 81, 802.823.74 UCW 80, 902.822.98 UC 80, AFB 821/1, AFB 821/B, AFB 823, AFB 823/3, AFB 823/3-LH, AFB 824/A, AFB 827, AFB 827/A, AFB 828/A+, AFE 275/B-K, AFE 275/B-K/1, AFE 275-K, ARG 579/3/G, ARG 579/G, ARG 580, ARG 580/3, ARG 581/1, ARG 581/2, ARG 582, ARG 582/3, ARG 582/3-LH, ARG 585, ARG 585/3, ARG 585/A, ARG 585/A+, ARG 587, ARG 587/3, ARG 588, ARG 588 M, ARG 588/3, ARG 588/3-LH, ARG 589/A, ARG 590, ARG 590/3, ARG 590/A, ARG 590/A+, ARG 598-K, ARG 913/A+, ARG582M, ARG589.A, ARG589A, ARG590/3, ARG598-K, ARG642-K/G/WP, ARG644-K/G/WP, ARG650KWP, ARG992-K/R, ARG995-K/R, ARG996AR, ARL 100/B-K, ARL 100/B-K/1, ARL 100-K, ARL 101-K, ARL 101-K/1, ARL 130-A, ARL 177, ARL 392, ARZ 005/A+, ARZ 006/A+, CB 625 W, CB 625 W 201.235.33, CB 626 W, CB 627 W, CB 627 W 401.582.63, CB 635 W, CB 635 W 701.235.35, CB 646 W, CB 656 W, CB 656 W GB 301.235.37, CB 657 W, CB 657 W 501.582.67, CB626W, CBU 626, CBU 626 W, CBU 627 W, CBU 635 W, CBU 646 W, CBU 656 W, CBU 657 W, CBU625W, CBU636W, G2PFRU/WH, G2PLFU/WH, G2PRFU/WH, IVU 1359/2, UC FZ 80, UC FZ 81, UGI 1000/B, UGI 1040/B, URI 1440/A, URIE 1500/A, UVI 1302/A, UVI 1340/A, UVI 1340/A/1, UVI 1340/A/1-L, UVI 1340/A-LH, UVI 1349/A, UVI 1349/A-LH, UVI1340/A/1-LH, UVIE 1400/A


AFE 275/B-K/1, AFE 276, AFE275/A, AFE872/A, ARL 100/A/1, ARL 100/B-K/1, ARL 101-K/1, ARL 130/A, ARL 130-A/1, ARL 392/A+, ARL100/A


KVIC2400/0, KVIC2400/1, KVIC2800/0, KVIC2800/0-EU, KVIC2800/1, UGI 1000/B, UGI 1040/1, UGI 1040/A, UGI 1040/B, UGI 1041 A+, UGI 1041/A+, UGIE 1100/B, URI 1402/A, URI 1441 A+, URIE 1500/A, UVI 1340/A/1/LH, UVI 1341/A+, UVI 1349/A/1, UVI 1349/A-LH/1, UVI 1884 A++, UVI 1920/A++, UVI 1920/A++/LH, UVIE 1400/A

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.