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ELECTROLUX Fridge Freezer Door Hinge - Integrated Left and Right Hinges Pair

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ELECTROLUX Fridge Freezer Integrated Left and Right Door Hinges Pair

Brand new, genuine original replacement integrated door hinges for your Electrolux Fridge Freezer (Upper and Lower Pair).

Fits models:

EUF2330, EUG23800, EUF23700, IG 2080 N, IG208010N, EUG2243AOW, EUG2244AOW, IG2085N, EUGP2244AW, IG123N, IK224, ERO3420, IK331, IK3310RE, IK3310LI, ERG34800, IK331010, IK33110, ERG3313AOW, ERG3314AOW, IK331520, IK335, ERGP3314AW, IK3030Z, IK303010Z, ERG3093AOW, ERG3094AOW, IK303520Z, IK2800Z, IK280Z, IK280010ZR, IK280010ZL, IK28010Z, ERG2793FOW, IK2805ZR, IK2805ZL, IK28020Z