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Dishwasher Cutlery Basket for AEG - with Detachable Handle

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Complete Cutlery Basket with Handle for AEG Dishwasher (Grey)

Brand new, compatible replacement dishwasher cutlery basket for your AEG dishwasher, complete with detachable handle and double side holders for teaspoons. 

Dimensions: Length 240 mm -- Height: 120mm (with Handle 235mm) -- Width 135 mm

Product Features:
Fully detachable handle
8 separate compartments
Double side holders for teaspoons

Fits models:

Will fit the vast majority of all full sized dishwashers including (but not limited to) the following models:
911232218, 911832027, F.315W, F.44630, F35085VI, F3A, F40010VI, F40300, F44080ID, F44080IM, F44080IW, F44450, F44740, F45250VI, F5050VI, F50674, F50750VI, F50765, F50870, F50870M, F50871, F54730, F54750, F54850S, F55011IM, F55011VI, F60870, F60873, F64070VIL, F65011VI, F65080VI, F65080VIL, F75011VIL, F8081I-D, F8081I-W, F8081W, F80870, F80872, F84470VI, F84980VI, F85480VI, F86011VI, F86070VI, F88010IM, F88010VI, F88070IM, F88070V, F8870VI, F98010IMM, FAUTO, FAV123 SGA, FAV144 SGA, FAV145 SGA, FAV2060I-W, FAV250 SGA, FAV251 SGA, FAV251 UGA, FAV3020-WGB, FAV3020ID, FAV3020IW, FAV3220I-D, FAV3220I-W, FAV3420W GB, FAV345 IGA, FAV345I-D GB, FAV348-W GB, FAV35080VI, FAV354I-W GB, FAV375 IGA, FAV375 UGA, FAV376W F/B, FAV4020-W GB, FAV4020I-D GB, FAV4020I-W GB, FAV40250I-D, FAV40250I-W, FAV40250ID, FAV40250IW, FAV40260I-D, FAV40260ID, FAV40260IW, FAV40300W, FAV40310-W, FAV4040-W, FAV4040-WGB, FAV4041-WGB, FAV40630-W, FAV40630W, FAV40650, FAV40660, FAV40660I-D, FAV40660I-M, FAV40660I-W, FAV40660ID, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV40740W, FAV40850, FAV40850S, FAV40860, FAV40860S, FAV420 SGA, FAV4220I D, FAV4220I W, FAV42300, FAV425 IGA, FAV425 SGA, FAV425 U SB, FAV425 UGA, FAV425, FAV425U-W GB, FAV425U-W, FAV43070VI, FAV435 IGA, FAV435 SGA, FAV435 U SB, FAV435 U W, FAV435 UGA, FAV435I M, FAV435I SB, FAV438 SGA, FAV44050I-W, FAV44050VI, FAV44070ID, FAV44070IM, FAV44070IW, FAV44070VI, FAV44080IA, FAV44080IB, FAV44080ID, FAV44080IM, FAV44080IW, FAV442 SGA, FAV443W AUS, FAV445 SGA, FAV445 UGA, FAV445I-D GB, FAV445I-W GB, FAV445IGA, FAV445W GB, FAV445W ITA, FAV446-W GB, FAV44630, FAV447 SGA, FAV448 SGA, FAV448-D GB, FAV448-W GB, FAV448I-D GB, FAV448I-W GB, FAV45250VI, FAV466 SGA, FAV474 SGA, FAV475 SGA, FAV5040 I B, FAV5040 I D, FAV5040 I M, FAV5040 I W, FAV5040-DGB, FAV5040-WGB, FAV5040D, FAV5040I-B, FAV5040I-D, FAV5040I-M, FAV5040I-W, FAV5040W, FAV505 SGA GB, FAV5050 VI, FAV5050-W, FAV50500W, FAV5050I-W, FAV50610W, FAV50620-W, FAV5070 W, FAV50700W, FAV50730W, FAV50740W, FAV50750, FAV50750I D G, FAV50750I M G, FAV50750IA, FAV50750ID, FAV50750IM, FAV50750IW, FAV50750VI G, FAV50750VI, FAV50760, FAV50760I-A, FAV50760I-D, FAV50760I-M, FAV50760I-W, FAV50760IA, FAV50760ID, FAV50760IM, FAV50760IW, FAV50850M, FAV50860M, FAV50861, FAV50861M, FAV50879, FAV515 IGA, FAV520 SGA, FAV525 GB, FAV525 I W, FAV525 I, FAV525 IGA, FAV525 SGA, FAV525 U, FAV525 UGA, FAV525I-B, FAV525I-D, FAV525I-M, FAV525I-S, FAV525I-W GB, FAV525I-W, FAV525W, FAV530 SGA, FAV535 IGA, FAV535 SGA, FAV545 IGA, FAV545 SGA, FAV5450, FAV5450W, FAV545I-B GB, FAV545I-D GB, FAV545I-M GB, FAV545I-W GB, FAV545W GB, FAV546D GB, FAV546W GB, FAV54730, FAV54750VI, FAV55750I-M, FAV573 SGA, FAV573, FAV575 UGA, FAV575, FAV575I-B, FAV575I-W, FAV578U-D, FAV6040-W, FAV6040-WGB, FAV6069-W, FAV60750VI G, FAV60750VI, FAV60800, FAV60800W, FAV60820W, FAV60830W, FAV60860M, FAV60870, FAV60870M, FAV625 I GB, FAV625 IGA, FAV625 SGA, FAV64570VI, FAV645W GB, FAV64800W, FAV65050I-A, FAV65050I-B, FAV65050I-M, FAV65050I-W, FAV65050IA, FAV65050IM, FAV65050UM, FAV65050VI, FAV65053UM, FAV65053UW, FAV65070IA, FAV65070IB, FAV65070IM, FAV65070UM, FAV65070VI, FAV665 IGA, FAV665 SGA, FAV667 SGA, FAV675 IGA, FAV675 SGA, FAV675-W, FAV675I-BI, FAV675I-D GB, FAV675I-M GB, FAV675I-W UE, FAV675W AUS, FAV675W KOR, FAV676 SGA, FAV676W AUS/NZ, FAV677 SGA, FAV7080-WGB, FAV7080I-D GB, FAV7080I-W GB, FAV765 SGA, FAV775 SGA, FAV775I-D GB, FAV775I-W GB, FAV775W GB, FAV8060I-M, FAV8060IW, FAV8080-W, FAV8080-WGB, FAV80800, FAV80800W, FAV8080I-W, FAV8081I-D, FAV8081IW, FAV80820W, FAV80850, FAV80850IM, FAV80850IW, FAV80860, FAV80860IM, FAV85050VI, FAV86050VI, FAV86070VI, FAV865 IGA, FAV865 SGA, FAV875 IGA, FAV875 SGA, FAV875I B AU, FAV875I W AU, FAV875I-B 3D GB, FAV875I-D 3D GB, FAV875I-GP-W, FAV875I-M 3D GB, FAV875I-W 3D GB, FAV875W ELEC.GB, FAV88070IM, FAV88070VI, FAV9479WIF, FAVACTIVEAA, FAVCE, FAVCOMP 300 SGA GB, FAVCOMP 300 SGA, FAVCOMP 315W GB, FAVCOMP505 SGA, FAVCOMP505I, FAVCOMP505IW GB, FAVCOMP525IB GB, FAVCOMP525ID GB, FAVCOMP525IM GB, FAVCOMP525IS GB, FAVCOMP525IW GB, FAVCOMP525W GB, FAVCOMP5450W GB, FAVCOP5450ID GB, FAVCOP5450IW GB, FAVD/L, FAVDELUXE ELEC, FAVORIT5041, FAVORIT, FAVR 3PROG, FAVR 5PROG, FAVS, FAVSL, FAVTL, FAVTS
This product is designed to be compatible with AEG machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.