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Soft Roller Brush Head for Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 V15 Hard Floor Dirt Detect Laser

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Soft Roller Direct Drive Laser Dirt Detect Brush Head for Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement soft roller brush head is designed for use on hard floors with select models of Dyson vacuum cleaner. Our most advanced hard-floor brush head, the innovative design includes a green laser to help identify dust and improve cleaning performance in your home. Wide, deep pile soft roller cleans gently but thoroughly, Motor sits behind the roller allowing a powerful and wide cleaning width, flexible articulating head for enhanced control, Low profile enables cleaning under furniture.

Suitable for all hard floor surface types (not for use on rugs or carpets).

Replacement for OEM Direct Drive Motorhead floor tool: 971360-01

Product Features:
Suitable for hard floor surface types including hard floor,tiles, vinyl, laminates & much more...
Integrated dirt detection laser
Thicker, longer harder wearing brushes for more effective cleaning
Brushes positioned to maximise contact with your flooring (no gaps)
Furniture protecting fabric bumper strip
Tested on a wide variety of vacuums (see fitment list below)
Low Open Front design - no kick-back of dust & debris

Fits models:


V7 SV11
V7 SV11 Absolute (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Yellow) 317729-01, V7 SV11 Animal + (Sprayed Purple/Iron/Purple) 351974-01, V7 SV11 Animal Extra (Sprayed Purple/Iron/Purple) 351975-01, V7 SV11 Animal UK/IE (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Purple) 344721-01, V7 SV11 Motorhead Extra (Iron/Sprayed Blue/Blue) 271649-01, V7 SV11 Motorhead Extra (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Blue) 346601-01, V7 SV11 Motorhead Plus (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Iron) 330294-01, V7 SV11 Total Clean (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Red) 342944-01

V8 SV10
V8 SV10 Animal + 324035-01, V8 SV10 Animal Complete 286029-01, V8 SV10 Animal Extra 330307-01, V8 SV10 Animal 298761-01, V8 SV10 Animal 298761-04, V8 SV25 Extra 400399-01, V8 SV25 Extra 400399-02, V8 SV25 Origin 400398-01, V8 SV25 Origin 400398-02, V8 SV25 Total Clean 443094-01, V8 SV25 Total Clean 443094-02, V8 SV25 447026-02, V8 SV25 447026-01, V8 SV25 400396-01, V8 SV25 400396-02

V10 SV12
V10 SV12 Animal Extra 385631-01, V10 SV12 Animal Extra 357197-01, V10 SV12 Animal 385272-01, V10 SV12 Animal 226364-01, V10 SV12 Total Clean 346596-01, V10 SV27 Extra 394490-04, V10 SV27 Extra 394490-01, V10 SV27 Total 443096-01, V10 SV27 Total Clean 443096-02, V10 SV27 394489-01

V11 SV14
V11 SV14 Absolute Extra 269054-01, V11 SV14 Absolute 281477-01, V11 SV14 Absolute 269232-01, V11 SV14 Animal + 292723-01, V11 SV14 Animal 268804-01, V11 SV15 Absolute + 344747-01, V11 SV15 Absolute 344740-02, V11 SV15 Absolute 298793-04, V11 SV15 Absolute 298793-01, V11 SV15 Animal 344739-01, V11 SV15 Animal 344731-01, V11 SV15 Animal 344731-04, V11 SV15 Torque Drive 351950-01, V11 SV16 Outsize 386474-01, V11 SV28 Abs Extra 419648-01, V11 SV28 Absolute

V15 SV22
V15 SV22 Detect + 443092-01, V15 SV22 Detect + 443092-02, V15 SV22 Detect Plus 443082-01, V15 SV22 Detect 443100-01, V15 SV22 Detect 443100-02, V15 SV22 DT Abs 369372-01, V15 SV22 DT Abs 394472-01, V15 SV22 DT Abs 394472-02, V15 SV22 DT Abs+ 394479-01, V15 SV22 DT Abs+ 394479-02, V15 SV22 DT Animal 369366-01, V15 SV22 DT Animal 369387-01, V15 SV22 DT Animal 369387-04, V15 SV22 DT Complete 369393-01, V15 SV22 DT Extra 436160-01, V15 SV22 DT Plus 443082-02

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.

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