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Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker Machine Descaler EcoDecalk - 500ml

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DE'LONGHI Coffee Machine Natural Descaler Fluid

This highly effective, easy to use descaler contains full instructions for optimal use and provides perfect care for your coffee machine / coffee maker.

Pack quantity: 1 x 500 ml bottle - enough for 4 full applications.

Product features:
Non-corrosive, non-aggresive formula with no environmental impact - this descaler has an antimicroba, sanitising action thus helping to ensure the hygiene of the machine's internal components - preserving the taste of your coffee over time. Extend the working life of your machine and leave no residue after decalcification & rinsing. After one cycle, your machine will be completely clean and re-energised - ready and safe to use.

Suitable for use on all coffee machines including DeLonghi Magnifica range, 3200 Magnifica and 3500 Magnifica