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FSMP20 FSM1500 FSM1600 Type Washable Microfibre Cover Pads compatible with Black & Decker Steam Cleaner Mop (Pack of 4 + 2 x 500ml Detergent)

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4 x Velcro Washable Microfibre Cleaning Pads + 2 x 500ml Steam Detergent compatible with BLACK & DECKER Steam Cleaner Mop

Brand new premium quality compatible replacement cleaning pads + detergents for your Black & Decker steam cleaner mop.

Velcro backed and fully machine washable - these dense microfibre scrub pads will last for over 100 wash cycles. 

Pack contains: 4 x Washable pads + 2 x 500ml Steam Floor Detergent


Fits models:
FSM1500 FSM1600 FSM1610 FSM1620 FSM1630
Manufacturer’s names & numbers are used for reference purposes only - these parts are in no way associated with the initial manufacturer’s parts.