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Control Knob Switch Button for INDESIT FIM Cooker Oven (Silver/INOX)

Control Knob Switch Button for INDESIT Cooker Oven (Silver/INOX)

Premium quality replacement control knob compatible with Indesit oven cooker.

Pack contains:
1 x Silver knob

Fits Models: 


7OFIM 20 K.A IX, 7OFIM 53 K.A IX, 7OFIMS 20 K.A IX, 7OFIMS 53 K.A IX, BIMS 31 K.A B IX GB, BIMS 31K.A B IX GB S, BIMS 53 K.A IX GB, CIM 53 KC.A IX GB, CIMS 51 K.A IX GB, DIM 51 K.A IX GB, DIMS 53 KC.A IX GB, FIM 20 K.A IX, FIM 20 K.A IX CN, FIM 20 K.A IX S, FIM 21 K.B IX GB, FIM 23 K.A IX, FIM 31 K.A IX GB, FIM 33 K.A IX GB, FIM 51 K.A IX, FIM 51 K.A IX S, FIM 53 K.A IX, FIM 53 K.A IX GB, FIM 53 K.A IX S, FIM 53 KC.A (BL) S, FIM 53 KC.A IX, FIM 53 KC.A IX S, FIM 61 K.A IX, FIM 61 K.A IX S, FIM 63 K.A IX, FIM 63 K.A IX S, FIM 73 KC.A IX GB, FIM 734 K.A IX, FIM 738 K.A IX, FIM 738 K.A IX (EE), FIM 831 K.A IX (EE), FIM 88 KGP.A IX, FIM 88 KGP.A IX S, FIMB 20 K.A IX (EE), FIMB 51K.A IX (PL), FIMB 53 K.A IX (PL), FIMB 63 K.A IX (EE), FIMB 73 K.A IX (EE), FIMS 20 K.A AX, FIMS 20 K.A AX S, FIMS 51 K.A AX, FIMS 51 K.A AX S, FIMS 51 K.A IX, FIMS 51 K.A IX S, FIMS 52 K.A IX AUS, FIMS 52 K.A IX AUS S, FIMS 53 K.A IX, FIMS 53 K.A IX S, FIMS 53 KC.A IX, FIMS 73 KC.A IX AUS, FIMS 73KC.A IX AUS S, FIS 53 K C.A IX, HIM 20 K.A IX, HIM 20 K.A IX/2, HIM 50 EK.A IX/2, HIM 50 K.A IX, HIM 50 K.A IX/2, HIM 504 K.A IX, HIM 504 K.A IX/2, HIM 506 EK.A IX, HIM 506 EK.A IX/2, HIM 53 K.A IX, HIM 53 K.A IX/2, HIM 531 EK.A IX, HIM 531 EK.A IX/2, HIM 537 EK.A IX, HIMB20K.A IX/2 (DE)

This product is designed to be compatible with Indesit machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.