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Complete Motor Unit for NUMATIC Henry Hetty Vacuum Cleaner (TCO DL2 1104T 205403 240V)

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2 Stage Through Flow Taper Fan Motor for Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

Brand new, premium quality compatible 2 stage through flow motor for Numatic vacuum cleaners.

Extra long motor terminal cables for easy fitting (Approx': 460mm)
Overall height of motor: 150mm
Fan unit depth: 63mm
Diameter of fan unit: 145mm
Power: 1000W, 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Alternative to genuine part: 205403 / 119936-00

Fits models:


Henry HVR200, Henry Extra HVX200, Henry Micro HVR200m, Hetty HET200, Hetty Het200-22, HZ570, HZQ250, NQS250B, NQS250B-22, NVDQ570-2, NVQ570, UZ934, AS100, AS100G, AS100R, AS100RPLUS, AS200, AS200B, DL21101, E47185, FF6

This direct replacement motor will fit most dry vacuums including all Henry machines manufactured after June 2004 (The date code can be found on top of the machine under the handle).

***Please be sure to remove your old motor before ordering to check compatibility, size and dimensions and please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine***

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.