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Complete Hose & Handle for Karcher Vacuum Cleaner (2 Metres)

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Complete Hose & Handle for Karcher Vacuum Cleaner

Premium quality replacement complete stretch hose compatible with Karcher vacuum cleaners.

Product Features:
2m length at full stretch
Ergonomic handle
Adjustable air control gulley
Colour: Black

Fits models:


A2003 EU (1.629-120.0)
A2004 AR (1.629-119.0)
A2004 AU (1.629-103.0)
A2004 CCC CN (1.629-107.0)
A2004 CH (1.629-102.0)
A2004 EU (1.629-100.0)
A2004 EU II (1.629-108.0)
A2004 GB (1.629-101.0)
A2004 MX (1.629-104.0)
A2004 PLUS MX (1.629-121.0)
A2014 CarVac EU (1.629-150.0)
A2014 CV CH (1.629-151.0)
A2024 PT AU/NZ (1.629-203.0)
A2024 PT CH (1.629-202.0)
A2024 PT EU (1.629-200.0)
A2024 PT GB (1.629-201.0)
A2054 ME AU (1.629-303.0)
A2054 ME CCC CN (1.629-307.0)
A2054 ME CH (1.629-302.0)
A2054 ME EU (1.629-300.0)
A2054 ME EU II (1.629-306.0)
A2054 ME GB (1.629-301.0)
A2064 PT CH (1.629-401.0)
A2064 PT EU (1.629-400.0)
A2064 PT GB (1.629-402.0)
HOME VAC WD2 CH (1.629-775.0)
HOME VAC WD2 GB (1.629-774.0)
WD2 AE (1.629-766.0)
WD2.200 4c EU-I (1.629-556.0)
WD2.200 EU-I (1.629-550.0)
WD2.200 GB (1.629-552.0)
WD2.240 GB (1.629-557.0)
WD2.250 4c EU-I (1.629-558.0)
WD2.250 EU-I (1.629-553.0)
WD2.500 M EU (1.629-580.0)
WD2024 ME
WD2024 PT
WD2064 PT
WD3.200 AE (1.629-612.0)
WD3.200 AF EU-II (1.629-606.0)
WD3.200 AR (1.629-607.0)
WD3.200 CCC CN (1.629-605.0)
WD3.200 CH (1.629-602.0)
WD3.200 EU-I (1.629-600.0)
WD3.200 EU-II (1.629-601.0)
WD3.200 GB (1.629-603.0)
WD3.200 MX (1.629-608.0)
WD3.300 M AE (1.629-668.0)
WD3.300 M CCC CN (1.629-653.0)
WD3.300 M CH (1.629-652.0)
WD3.300 M EU-I (1.629-650.0)
WD3.300 M EU-II (1.629-651.0)
WD3.300 M GB (1.629-655.0)
WD3.300 M IT (1.629-658.0)
WD3.300 M NZ (1.629-657.0)
WD3.320M Steel Edition EU-I (1.629-669.0)
WD3.370 M EU-I (1.629-656.0)
WD3.500 P EU-I (1.629-680.0)
WD3.500 P EU-II (1.629-681.0)
WD3.500 P EU-III (1.629-682.0)
WD3.500 P GB (1.629-683.0)
WD3.600 MP GB (1.629-690.0)

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.