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Cloth Filter + Telescopic Tube Tool Kit + Bent End Rod Handle + Reusable Zip Bag for NUMATIC Vacuum Cleaners

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Bent End Rod Handle + Cloth Filter + Telescopic Tube Tool Kit + Reusable Zip Bag for NUMATIC HENRY HETTY Vacuum Cleaner

Premium quality replacement adjustable telescopic pipe kit, 12" filter, reusable cloth zip bag and bent end rod wand handle with variable suction control compatible with NUMATIC Vacuum Cleaners. Enhance the performance of your machine and save space and money on bags.

Kit includes:
1 x Lifetime reusable microfibre cloth bag with durable zip design (fully machine washable)
1 x 12" diameter main cloth filter1 x Bent End Rod Wand Handle (32mm)
1 x Telescopic extension rod (32mm Diameter) (Length: 56cm-94cm)
1 x Slim crevice nozzle with side suction slot (32mm)
1 x Stiff bristle brush head tool (32mm)
1 x Upholstery / Stair Tool with air blades for precision pick-up and control (32mm)
1 x Carpet & hard floor brush head combination tool (32mm)

Fits models:


HET200, HET200a, HET200A2, HVR200a, HVR200, HVC200, NRV200, NRV200-22, HVR200M-22, HVX200A, HVR200T-2 

Please check your vacuum requires an 32mm inner diameter suction tube (The vast majority of NUMATIC Henry vacuums have 32mm tubes. If unsure - please check inner diameter of suction hose end) 

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part.
The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.